Addressed fire alarm systems are applied for security projects of community area, exhibition hall, airport, civil building. Analogue addressable fire alarm panel can protect life and property in large building from fire. The fire alarm control panel(FACP) has model of single loop, 2 loops, 4 loops and 6 loops and can equip maximum 1944 detectors. FACP can identify each detector by unique address. It can assign system response action such as shut off gas, activate damper. It can be connected to floor fire display panels. Compare with conventional fire alarm system, addressable fire alarm system is more intelligent and automatic.

Download manual of MN300 addressable FACP


What components should a fire alarm system include? There are fire detection components such as smoke detector, gas sensor, heat detector, manual call point or named fire pull station, and fire notify system including fire siren strobe, fire bell, fire sounder. Check the complete fire alarm component.

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