Industry Grade

The safety and security equipments are industry grade. Fire alarm systems, toxic gas, combustible gas detectors can be explosion proof.

Integrated Security

Integration of fire alarm, intruder alarm, CCTV surveillance for enterprise security, community security, building security.

As business Partner

We support security project contractor and engineers with their contract. We help make security solution.

Technical Supports

Free technical supports for installing and setting up the security system. Provide product datasheet, installing manual.

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Integrated security solution

Integrate interior and exterior security

Interior and exterior security

To best protect the home and business, integrated security equipment is needed. The security integration includes interior security and exterior security. From security function view, the security integration includes CCTV, burglar alarm and intercom. On this article, we learned the security equipment features and security integration ways. We showed some examples for innovative integrated security equipment.

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Home Safety

Home Safety Incidents Prevention

According to home safety incidents report of first half year 2016, home fire accounted for the largest proportion. The fire department statistic showed 63881 fire incidents and 754 death in the country. Asphyxia burning is the main cause of death from residential fire. It accounted for 68%. Improperly using stove and wiring house appliance is the main reason for residential fire. Intrusion safety incidents accounted for second majority proportion and there is increasing trend.

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