Fire Safety

Fire safety equipment for fire fighting and fire precaution. House fire prevention system with working smoke alarms can save lives. Complete line of fire detection and fire extinguisher systems for home, apartments and offices.

Addressed fire safety materials meet standards for recordkeeping, generating specific alarm signal. Protect objects at high fire risk places. Materials for prevention of fire-related injuries and environment toxic gas injury. Materials for industrial manufacturinig fire prevention, fire protection, explosion prevention and explosion protection.

Perimeter Security Equipment

Perimeter Security Equipment is used for security protection of large land place such as farm, community, school, garden, warehouse, factory, enterprise, pond etc. There are 5 types of perimeter security equipments. They are Electronic pulse type electronic fence, Buried Fiber Optic Cable, vibration type Electronic cable sensors, Tension-type electronic cables and Photoelectric Beams. For small business security and home security, photoelectric beams are most used because of easy installation and maintenance. Solar powered Wireless photoelectric beams enable perimeter security more flexible.

Intrusion Detection Systems

Intrusion Detection Systems are important part of security systems. There are Motion Detectors and Magnetism Switch, Vibration Switch, Glass break sounder detectors. These sensors can identify theft intrusion and make sound alarm with wireless wired alarm signal sending Synchronously. According to environment features and safety weakness, different intrusion detector is used. There are normal PIR (passive infrared detector) and infrared technology with microwave technology, intelligent analysis Motion sensor etc. The selection is according to environment interference strength.

Emergency Alarm

Emergency alarm is used for some special people such as elders and childen at home. It is used for duress alarm in hospital, school, community, enterprise, store etc. With one button push, it triggers siren strobe and sends alarm information with location, time to service center. Such as manual call point to fire alarm system, emergency button is to burglar alarm system. There are wall mounted emergency button, hanging style wireless panic switch and foot push duress alarm.

Security Monitoring

Security Monitoring means security service center using center alarm host with software (CMS) and managing all security events. Actually it is alarm events receiver and responder. With developing of alarm master controller communication, user can easy receive alarm event and respond for home security. For business security, security monitoring is responsibility of the Security Department. The equipment is with functions of security events storage, detailed electronic map point of alarm location and alarm events management.

CCTV and IP Camera

Video Surveillance is developing fast. It developed from CCTV hardwire Analog signal surveillance camera and monitor to network camera then IP camera. For different application, different surveillance system is selected. CCTV system is more suitable for enterprise, TV meeting, community security etc. Network surveillance camera or digital camera is with Linux operation system and required to be connected with PC. It is monitored by PC and can be browsed on net. IP camera is with IP address on each camera and can be easy monitored anywhere anytime by mobile phone or PC.

Environment Danger Detection System

Environmental danger detection system is used to prevent injury at home and business. Combustible gas and toxic gas are two major sources of environment danger. Generally speaking, combustible gas detector is a type of compound detector. It can detect many types of combustible gas such as coal gas, natural gas, H2 etc. It is required to be installed at proper location according to major gas detection requirement. For example, if detection major gas is methane gas, the detector should be installed at high location on ceiling or near ceiling. Toxic gas detectors include CO detector (used for home security) and H2S,SO2 detectors(used for industry security)

Access Control

Access Control System is applied for community, bank etc. According to security requirement, the security accessories are different. Simple access control system requires video intercom only. Complicated access control system requires access controller, card reader, Finger Print Reader, Interlocking etc.