Home Security

Home Security System is varied for different homes according to the family's economy ability, knowledge and preference. The security system consists of control panel, wiring and security sensors. From information communication part, the home security system consists of audio information, data information, video information and control information. From the security system's function, it consists of security protection function (intercom, intruder detection, gas leakage detection, smoke or heat alarm, glass break detection, vibration sensor, and emergency call etc. ) and house appliance automatic control function (lighting, air conditioner, TV set and other house appliance controlling). Home Security System can be self installed and monitored or via security service center. For self monitored home security system, only security control panel and detectors should be installed at home. For security service monitored home security system, the security control panel should be wired(bus type) to security service center. The home security protection areas include perimeter security and indoor security. Perimeter security protection areas include outdoor areas protection and door, windows intruder detection systems. Indoor protection areas include PIR installed in rooms, staircase, aisle etc. When people is at home, perimeter security detectors should be armed and indoor security detectors can be disarmed. When people is away home, both perimeter security detectors and indoor detectors should be armed. Alarm zone and emergency level can be set for each detector and sensitivity can be set for each detector. So, home security system is varied for different house and family protection requirement.

Home security is essential part of home automation and home safety. With new technology of Mobile technology, P2P technology and RF technology etc. Home security system had improved into a new step for more convenient operation and more functions for home automation. ST-VGT is the newest one we recommend to both DIY home security and security service installation alarm host. Please download and study the ST-VGT manual.

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