Security Components

Fire Alarms

Fire Alarm Panel

Addressed Fire Alarm Panel can enable alarm system programming. It can identify each detector with name, address and type. It then can be programmed to trigger assigned electric sound or visual signal. It can be programmed to activate relative electronic device. According to equipment capacity, There are 100 points, 200 points, 324 points, 600 points etc. fire alarm control panel. For linkage circuit, it is cataloged of 1 loop, 2 loops, 3 loops etc.

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Input module, output modules are important components for addressed fire alarm system. With input / output modules, non programmable smoke detector, heat detector, gas detector, siren strobe etc. can be programmed with addressed alarm panel. Other security components are necessary for large business fire alarm safety. They are floor displayer and repeater, short circuit isolator. With RS485, it can communicate with perimeter security device.

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Detection components are incharge of sensing obvious or invisible occurrence of fire risk events and alert. There are smoke detector, heat detector, combustible gas detector, toxic gas such as CO detector. For special industry application, there are dangerous gas detectors such as H2S detector, HF detector, HC detector, NOX detector etc. The early these gas leakage is sensed and alerted, the less injury and loss will be caused. These detectors are with features of explosion proof etc.

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Burglar Alarms

Alarm Receiver and Response

PSTN Alarm Panel uses telephone line as alarm communication channel. It dials preset telephone number, mobile number and Ademco contact protocol service center number when alarm is triggered. But PSTN network alarm dialer can transmit voice alarm message only. It is with shortage of slow speed alarm report compared with other communication network. But cause of easy adding and using, it is still used by many security services. Another type Bus line network alarm system is used for relative concentrated areas' security. Bus type network alarm systems enable free charge of 2 way communication between user and security service center. And without delay on alarm reporting. But it required pre-installing of wires and with distance limitation. Internet network is a new type alarm communication way. Of course internet security and defense is a new difficulty for dealing.

GSM Alarm is radio backup of PSTN alarm network. It uses SIM card and send both voice message and SMS text message of alarm event. There is always smart phone APP available for alarm system programming and operation. GSM or GPRS network maybe optional. Priority of PSTN network and GSM network can be set. Double network GSM and PSTN alarm enables the security system more reliable. Be sure to check the GSM signal strength of installation place. And some GSM Alarm Panel may supports 2D SIM card only. Anyway, GSM alarm panel is popularly used in self-monitored wireless security systems.

Video Alarm Panel is integrated of alarm system and surveillance device. There are some types of Video surveillance panel. One type is IP security camera type or named IP surveillance. It is a IP camera with wireless detectors equippable. Another type is DVD type which can connect with IP cameras, wireless wired security detectors. When alarm is triggered, home owner can receiver alarm event in voice, text message, image, and email of image. The video surveillance is 2 way communication type and enable monitor or query the security area anytime. Video Surveillance uses Wifi, Internet network with wide band and fast speed.

Detection Components

Perimeter Security Beams Sensor

Perimeter Security Beams Sensor is used for outdoor property protection and intrusion alarm. It makes light wall at perimeter and trigers alarm, makes sound and light alert when intrusion occured. There are wired type and wireless solar powered type beams sensor. The beams sensor forms as a line with distance from 20m to 100m and can protect large external security areas by one pair beams at entrance. There are outdoor curtain PIR and point area detection PIR outdoor. They are solar powered wireless or wired type works with alarm control panel. They are point protection detector installed at some important security entrance or place.

Burglar Detectors

There are many types of burglar detectors to anti theft and burglary. For different types of protection areas, there are point protection detector, surface protection detector, space protection detector. Door contact switch detector, glass break detector, vibration sensor etc. are point protection detectors. Curtain PIR detector, Wide range PIR detector are surface protection detector. Ceiling PIR detector etc. is space protection detector. According to detection technology adopted, There are PIR(Passive Infrared) detector, PIR with MW(Microwave) detector, PIR MW and anti mask detector, PIR MW anti mask and intelligent analysis detector etc.

Environment Danger Detector

Environment danger is big factor of injury and loss caused. There are wireless wired dangers detectors which can work with security alarm panels. Various gas leakage detector is popular type of environment security detector. Other detectors are smoke detector, heat detector, water leakage detector, CO carbon monoxide detector etc. The detectors can work with security alarm system, fire alarm system or electronic valve, solenoid valve, Manipulator.

Sound and Visual Signal

Sound and Light Alert

Electric sound and visual signal device makes alert and scare burglary or note neighbors. It then delays occurrence of risk incident and make notice of neighbors and police. It indicates location of incident happening. The sound and light signal equipment can be installed outdoor or indoor. It disperses the attention of thieves. It evacuates people from the dangerous scene. There are fire sound, burglary sound or voice sound for specified indication of danger. Sound and Visual Signal system is necessary security component of home and industry security system.

Security Centers

Security Cameras

Surveillance Camera

Wifi camera surveillance alarm system

Digital Cameras

Supervision Cameras

Video Surveillance and control

Access Controller

Building access and secured space access is controlled and requires identification device. The entrance object identification devices include IC card reader, fingerprint reader, face identification camera etc.

Access Controller is for programming access rule and authorized person etc. It monitors all movement and activity at exterior entrances and exits. It will log the card transactions at the end of an access cycle (activation of the card reader with the access card, opening and closing of the door).

Intercom communication system is required for high security areas and rooms. Electronic lock and even interlocking electrical system is installed at exterior entrances and exits. So, any in out activity is monitored by on-site security control system and central monitoring service center.