485 Alarm System

Bus system fire and burglar alarms

What is the best security solution for you? For security service, you need to consider how to install the security system fast and cost effective. Bus line security system is designed for saving installation time and money of lots users. With bus system security installation, just 2 wires can equip more than 200 detectors. Security solution is tailored and the best one is the one most suit for your needs including protection requirement and installation requirement.

RS485 bus and CAN-bus data transmission bus line connection Alarm System

CAN-bus(Controller Area Network) and RS485 bus lines are two types data transmission. They are popularly used for security system connection and communication. The bus type security system can equip 200-400 points. It use bus line to send data and receive data. So, no communication cost is needed for users and security service center. Compare to PSTN network security system, bus type security system is more reliable and stable and more secure.

Security Service Management

Bus-line security systems are used for concentrated areas security protection. It enables security management fast and easy. The areas for security management are hotel security, school security, community security etc.

Easy extension and communication with other device. With security management software, the alarm point address, electronic map, alarm type, alarm time etc. can be showed on PC or monitor. With CCTV surveillance equipment, the alarm spot can be verified.

The bus-line security system is designed for easy extension with modules. The module can be added when it is needed. So, the system can be tailored easy. With these modules, the system can work with other types detection system, Printer, PC, CCTV security cameras, beam detectors for perimeter security etc. The modules can be classfied into two types according to data transmission way: input module and output module. According to the function, the modules can be classifed as below.

  • Communication network module such as GSM module, GPRS module, TCP/IP module.
  • Zone expansion module such as 8 zones expansion, single zone expansion, keypad zone expansion modules.
  • Linkage output control module such as relay output module, printer module.

The difference of CAN-bus system and RS485 bus system

CAN-bus network and RS-485 are two different communication interface. Compare the function and performance of these two system, CAN-bus is more advanced than RS-485. It is with longer communication distance and high transmission rate for long distance. It is with low rate fault communication. From software explore difficulty level and cost, CAN-bus system is higher. How to choose the system or both system can work together? Yes, both system can be designed into the security system. For example, CAN-bus system can be used for communication between security service and alarm receiver on each floor. RS-485 bus system can be used for communication between alarm receiver on floor and alarm panel in user's room.


    Dib says:

    I used FC-7668 which has RS485 interface and 16 wired zones, 24 wireless zones. It has GSM module for expansion. The alarm panel has detector trouble report and missing check. It is great.

    1. Vedard Security System Technology
      Karl says:

      Thank you Dib! Yes, FC-7668 is flexible for wiring with multiple types zones. It has various expand modules for setting expand devices. For example, keypad zones module, bus zones module, serial communication module, TCP/IP module and GSM module.

  2. Wataniya Security Engineering
    Steve says:

    Bus-line security system is programming system. At first time programming it, it is a bit confused. After clearly reading and reading the manual and help of vedard technician, the system is completed.

    1. electronic security systems
      Karl says:

      The bus-line security device is FC-7448. It has 240 bus zones and 8 wired zones. Yes, the system is totally programmable. For first time using this system, please read the manual and know its functions. Then check your requirement. Set your required functions firstly. Make a programming form and list the articles.

        Steve says:

        Thanks for the quick programming guide. And expect an easier way to program the system without code.

        1. Fortified Security Services
          Karl says:

          Yes, LCD menu guide is the instruction for the system programming. Maybe app is available in the future.