Integrated Security

Digital network alarm video server is used for Security Center. It is based on the embedded hardware and software-based application technology, combined with advanced alarm technology and H.264 video compression technology. It is all digital, network intelligent video surveillance alarm system. EAVS embedded server integrates video recording and video services, CPU hard pressure mode, using a higher lever of H.264 compression standard. By this alarm video service platform, users can remotely set the alarm and video service, query and maipulate, remote query alarm events. The high level integrated security and automation device greatly saved cost and labor. It can work with all wireless same brand detectors and house appliance automatic equipments.

The more complicated security environment is, the more complehensive security system is required. There is some FAQ for this integrated security equipment. Please refer to New technology security alarm server EAVS.

Download the integrated security equipment for study at EAVS-2504 Video Server

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