Perimeter Security

Perimeter Intrusion Detection system is one type of perimeter security system. It is used for small business and home outdoor property protection. Solar-powered active wireless photoelectric infrared detector is new type perimeter intrusion detection system. It is high performance new technology security product. It is installed outdoors and it alarms before the thief tries to come into the house. Without any wiring, it works with alarm control panel and inform you within 800m at home. Intelligent analysis and response system enables the perimeter beams works well without missing alarm or fault alarm. High energy efficiency enables the detector works at cloudy days and even rainy days as well. It is much safe using solar-powered active wireless beams and infrared gratings as the perimeter security equipment. It has strict security design to immune to interference and avoid missing alarm. Solar power beams can work for 8-10 years. It has DC power supply plugin and it can be charged with DC adaptor. It is ideal security equipment for garden, fence, farm, school, yard, garage and other large land protection. It is easy to DIY with your exist home security system with wireless to wired adaptor and switch. There is a series of solar powered wireless security system including soar powered siren strobe and emergency button, PIR and remote controller.

Learn to program the wirelss solar-powered infrared beams detector and wireless receiver, alarm communication center. Click Perimeter Security.

Using HB series security service center alarm receiver host with security management software for security CMS. Download the CMS software operation manual click security CMS.

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