Campus Security Solution

Campus security risks are increasing. There are increased violence incidents, intrusion incidents and more. An effective campus security solution and security system becomes the concern to decrease security incidents at school. How can victim get help at first time? How can crime be stopped? An integrated security system is needed. The security system should include perimeter security equipment (solar-powered beams can be a selection), intrusion detectors, glass break detectors, smoke alarm, heat alarm, panic button and security cameras. These security detection equipments are installed at important areas such as wall barrier, library, teachers' offices, laboratory, classrooms, corridor, hall etc. In security center, there is an integrated video alarm server which can receive all alarm events and trigger siren strobe warning signal to stop crime and notify people. Moreover, the integrated video alarm server can connect to PC or monitor the security areas. And the alarm report can be sent to safety officer, principal by phone, email. When alarm triggered, the security camera will take photo of spot and send to security center for identification of the location. If there is fire alarm system, it can be connected to this Video alarm server. When fire alarm control panel sends out alarm signal, the Video Alarm Server can receive the alarm and dial to fire department and relative safety personals. Only with the fast reaction to crime or potential risks, the campus safety can be ensured.

Security Equipments