Exterior Security Integration

Integrated Home Security

With the help of innovative security protection equipment, burglary crime, fire disaster are largely decreased. The more suitable security equipment is added, the safer home is. Complete electronic security equipment will protect property, building and famility including interior and exterior spaces. The security equipment is developed especially exterior security equipment. Innovation of solar-powered wireless photoelectric beams sensor enables exterior security easy to be covered to home security solution. The wireless to wired transceiver, RS485 output module enables the solar powered beams work with any brand alarm control panel with wired input. Integrated interior and exterior security solution is the best home security protection. All exist home security alarm systems can easy add solar-powered wireless beams for exterior security protecton. Not only interior security protection is needed, but also exterior security protection. Exterior security and interior security equipment work as first level barrier and second level barrier to stop burglary and notify safety guard of the treat. Today's social environment pushes increasing crime. We have to consider the security of property, children, elders other than our work. Thanks for help of intelligent security equipment and numberous security service. Only with them, the potential treat can be found at first time and loss can be prevention, living can be saved. Best integrated security equipment adopts the most suitable security equipment for interior security and exterior security separately. But they use signal adaptor to integrated the wireless security equipment.

Interior Security

Interior Security is the final and essential security protection level. Interior security includes anti-theft burglary security and fire prevention detectors. From gas leakage detector, water detectors, smoke detectors to motion sensor, magentic door window contact, there are various types of interior security system. Almost all intruder behaviors such as breaking windows, opening doors, intruding into homes etc. can be found by these "eyes" and "ears". But designing and selecting the most suitable detectors from various types of security equipment is still a hard work for DIY home security. For example, there are various types of passive infrared motion detector or named PIR. There are wall mounted or ceiling mounted. There are wide angle or narrow angle. Best security integrator can identify the difference of various security equipment and select the most suitable one according to the usage environment. Focus Security is an example for the various detectors wireless.

Exterior Security

Not only bank, military facility needs exterior security, but also premises and home. Exterior Security provides the first level property and lives protection. There may be visible and strong wall, fence as intrusion barrier. But the physical barrier does not available to stop today's crime. Exterior security equipment provides invisible barrier but alerts the intruders and notifies security service. Any illegal invasion will be seen and monitored, recorded by exterior security equipment. Integrated security solutions are various and easy now. Integrated Interior security and exterior security solution is complete security protection. But integrating security system is hard work for DIY home security. For example, the wireless interior security equipment is not compatible with wireless exterior security equipment, alarm system and CCTV security camera, access control do not work together. Best Security integrator knows how to best integrating the different security equipment. Of course, the security equipment manufacturers offer input and output linkage device, modules and SDK software for the security system integration. HB exterior security equipment supplier is an example.

Integrated Security Equipment

The more powerful security equipment is, the easy security system integration. Some security equipment has self integrated several security functions into one simple device. The common security integration parts are burglar alarm system and CCTV security monitor. Products of this type is IP camera alarm, Remote monitor alarm. But it is one security camera for one point monitor only. So, IP camera alarm is applied for baby monitor, store monitor or single site monitor where only one important area should be surveillanced. There is further integrated security equipment which include intruder alarm, CCTV surveillance system IP cameras, Video Recorder Server and Access control. EAVS is the example of this type integrated security equipment.