Smart vs non-smart security system

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Smart vs non-smart security system

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With new technology AI and IOT, many normal home security devices are upgraded to smart security device. For example, normal smoke alarm is upgraded to NB-IOT smart smoke alarm, normal security camera is upgraded to face-recognized camera and tracking camera, normal motion sensor PIR is changed to Zigbee smart security device.
Will people buy smart security device instead of normal security device? It doesn't seem that way. To know why, we should know why people shop security device. There are some reasons that people shop and install home security device.
1. To protect home against intruders. This is the major reason that people installing security device including smart security device and non-smart security device.
2. To monitor or control when away from home.
3. Notify about fire or gas problems.
4. Help keep an eye on my loved ones.

So, many normal security devices have the functions and can meet people's requirement and not need to upgrade to smart security device. What security devices are there?
1. Alarms, detectors. There are burglar alarm system, motion sensor, perimeter security detector, door contact switch.
2. Motion-sensing lighting.
3. Garage door openers.
4. Sensors
5. Cameras
6. Video intercom or doorbell
7. Smart door locks.

In addition to home security, people always shop smart device for other purpose such as entertainment, improving family comfort, reduce energy consumption, to monitor or control when away from home, Set a family scene.

In conclusion, normal security device such as burglar alarm system is still the basic need of home security.
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