Bank Security System Alarm solution

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Bank Security System Alarm solution

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System composition:

1. Fore part of the system:
a) Security detector or sensors: including security camera, dome, decoding etc. video surveillance equipment and infrared detector, emergency button, siren & strobe. This part will be in charge of detecting and dealing of video and alarm signals.
b) Transmission part: including video cable, power cable, signal cable etc. for various signal transmissions.
c) Local monitor equipment: including EAVS digital network alarm sever, monitor, operator etc. EAVS will be in charge of monitor and storage of video and transmission of alarm signals.
2. Alarm center Part
a) Center sever: the center sever consist of computer and management software. It will manage the fore digital equipment (digital network video alarm sever, video workstation, user’s platform etc. centrally. It manages setting up of equipment, user and configure of equipment, user’s authority, source distribution etc.
b) Video workstation: It consists of computer and software. It connects to fore surveillance equipment to support monitor of video, recording, dome controlling etc. It woks as DVS and transfer audio & video signals to speed up transmission.
c) Alarm management severs: It consist of multi-media computer and alarm management modules. It will show alarm detailed address and information on digital map. Alarm information will be recorded and video signal can be showed on video wall.
3. User’s platform: It consists of computer and user’s software. It is with functions of video displaying, dome controlling, and remote retrievals. The video showed is transmitted by video workstation. And it can monitor via IE to fore camera directly when video workstation is off.
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