Smoke Detector Gas Sensor MD-2100R instruction manual

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Smoke Detector Gas Sensor MD-2100R instruction manual

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Gas detector with backup battery and AC power supply. With Siren for sound alarm, LED signal for visual alarm. With wireless transmitter for alarm sending.
For MD-2100R smoke detector, it has test button with LED for regular test. 6V battery for 2 years life time.
False alarm may be caused by cigarette or cooking. So, smoke detector is not suitable for installing in kitchen room or smoking room.
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Smoke Alarm types and connection

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Type 1: Independent Smoke Alarm
The independent smoke detector alarm doesn’t need wire connection. It makes sound and light alert when smoke density reaches to alarm limit. The independent smoke alarm can be battery powered or AC powered with battery power backup.
Type 2: Bus type coded addressable smoke alarm
There are 4 terminals and only terminal 1 and 3 are non-polarity connected to 2-wire bus type fire alarm control panel L1 and L2.
Type 3: Conventional Smoke Alarm
It is 2-wire and non-polarity connection with conventional fire alarm control panel zone+ and zone-. Multiple detectors terminal 2 and 3 are connected to zone- in series. The terminal 2 is connect with terminal 3 of next detector. This connection way will monitor the zone status and report detector error, detector missing to alarm panel. Current limiting EOL resistor is required to wire and the end of the circuit.
Type 4: Relay output smoke detector for connection with home alarm system.
It is 4-wire connection. There are 4 terminals on the detector. They are relay output com terminal, relay output NO/NC terminal (default NO), DC power- terminal and DC power+ terminal.
Learn how to connect smoke alarm.
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Smoke Detector MD-2105R

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Smoke detector MD-2105
The smoke detector is equipped with a test button to accurately detect smoke. When the smoke concentration exceeds the limit, the red light of the smoke detector will be on for 10 seconds, and the alarm signal will be sent to the host.

Precautions for installing smoke sensor MD-2105

(1) Do not install near doors, Windows, fans and other places, because these places have faster air circulation, which will reduce the sensitivity of the detector.

(2) Do not install in places with high humidity or high temperature, such as bathrooms and top floors.

Smoke detector MD-2105 Parameters:
Model number: MD-2105
Operating voltage: 12V non-polar power supply
Working environment: temperature -5 'C- 50' C; Humidity 10%-90%
Alarm output indicator: red LED indicator is steady on
NO output mode: monitor current < 2mA, alarm current < 30mA (for wired MD-2105)
NC output mode: monitor current < 30mA, alarm current < (for wired MD-2105)
Size: (φ*H) 108*40mm
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