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What is the difference between alarm sensor types?

Smoke alarm and heat alarm are used to detect smoke and temperature rising from burning objects. CO alarm is used to detect carbon monoxide. Gas alarm is used to detect combustible gas leakage. So, we should install the alarm sensor at proper place. We should install smoke alarm in every bedrooms. And we should not install smoke alarm in kitchen room or bathroom. We should install combustible gas alarm and heat alarm in kitchen room if you are using natural gas or propane for cooking or heating. We should install CO alarm near the furnace, fireplace, basement.

How should I choose the alarm sensor?

For security, something simple and reliable is what you need. You just need to choose professional manufactured security alarm sensors. The brand is famous in the industry. The product has quality certificate of UL, EN etc. And there are too many types of environment security alarm sensors. For example, there are wired, wireless, smart Wifi or NB-Lot types, standalone type etc. From which, you should choose what you need and is suitable to install at the place you want to monitor. If you already have hybrid wired wireless home security system, you can add 4-wire alarm sensor to the host. That is reliable. If not, you may choose standalone AC powered or DC powered alarm. For CO sensor and combustible gas sensor, you can choose to wire with solenoid valve or manipulator to automatically shut of the gas source.

How to install the alarm sensor?

There is instruction with the product. For wireless or standalone sensor, you may just need to drill 2 holes, lightly hammer the drywall anchors in, screw the mounting bracket into the anchors and mount the sensor. For wired ones, you need to wire the signal cable and power cable to your alarm host. Look at video guide on how to connect 4-wire smoke detector.

Precautions against false alarm

If in the middle night, the malfunctioning sensor wakes you up, you will go crazy with alarm ringing loudly on the ceiling. So, before shop and install the sensor, you should read some instruction to know your need. And ensure the sensor functions properly and safe after installation. Test it with test button and real smoke or CO with lighter. If you uses battery powered sensor, measure the battery capacity to ensure it.

Where can I find a technical support?

Vedard Security provides free technical support for all fire alarm, burglar alarm, home security systems installation and programming. You can post your question at alarm forum. You can shop any type CO alarm, smoke alarm, gas alarm, heat alarm at alarm store
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