10 tips for smart home safety

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10 tips for smart home safety

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Smart speakers, smart locks, smart curtains and so on, more and more various smart home products appear in our life. But on the other hand, smart home has a variety of security risks such as Smart door lock cracked by 'little black box', smart speaker error wake up, smart camera is invaded and so on. The security of smart home products needs to be improved.
How do you prevent someone from sabotaging the smart home system in some way, especially the security system? There are 10 tips for smart home safety.
1. Wireless Network encryption
This is the most basic one. You have to set up a complex wireless network password. Many smart home components can be directly identified and controlled within a network.
2. MAC Address Filtering
Add MAC addresses of all specified devices to the whitelist, and forbid unauthorized devices from accessing the core router.
3. Set special wifi for visitors
Use a guest router, turn it on when you have guests and turn it off when you don't.
4. Disable THE SSID broadcast
However, many smart components must be enabled with SSID broadcasting on to work properly, and if so, they cannot be turned off.As long as your smart components work properly with SSID broadcasting turned off, you can completely turn off SSID broadcasting for better security.
5. The password for remote access to routers, servers and smart home apps should be strong enough.
Sometimes you need remote access to your home router, NAS, etc. At this time, the access password is required. At the same time, various smart home mobile apps account passwords are required for access. This kind of password is the most direct barrier to prevent outsiders from controlling home devices. Therefore, this kind of password must ensure enough strength, to contain letters, numbers, special symbols, never use a simple number or letter password, and to change regularly to ensure security.If the APP or hardware of the smart device has a hardware switch that locks the device or prohibits adding or decreasing the device, turn it on.
6. Enabling the Firewall
If your router, NAS, or other device supports a firewall, make sure to enable it. It is also an important barrier against unauthorized access or control.
7. View the logs and DHCP device table of the active router irregularly
Check the logs and DHCP device table of the active router irregularly. If an unknown device is found, handle it in a timely manner.
8. Prepare a special hard disk to back up important data and save it offline
You can buy a hard disk and back up important data on the NAS. (The NAS has the synchronous backup function. After the hard disk is inserted periodically, the data can be automatically backed up.This way, even if the entire system crashes or is artificially corrupted, you don't have to worry about important data.
9. Use the backup power UPS
For smart homes and devices like NAS, having a UPS is a good way to prevent thieves from damaging the power supply and stealing it. Generally, you only need to connect devices such as optical transceivers, routers, gateways, NAS, and DVRS to the UPS. The power of these devices is very low, and the UPS can last for several hours. After a power failure, the UPS can maintain power supply for a long time to improve security.
10. Alternate network
The backup network can be 4G network.
Smart homes will continue to grow in popularity. The security of smart home systems is definitely becoming more and more important. It is necessary to have a good knowledge of security.
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Re: 10 tips for smart home safety

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A smart home is a unified system for managing and controlling the comfort and safety of the home and its inhabitants. Security systems include a fire alarm system, video surveillance inside the house, video surveillance of the site, video intercom, and perimeter security.
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