Introduction for software CPlayer of Iphone

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Introduction for software CPlayer of Iphone

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I. The installation of CPlayer
1. Open the icon“”, the below image will appear:

Image 1
2. Click“”,Input “cplayer” in the searching bar, click “” the below image will appear:

Image 2
3. Then the image 3 will appear:

Image 3
4. After click the “free” on image 3, the image 4 will appear, click “install” option on image 4, and the image 5 will appear. Input the password of Apple account on image 5, then click “ok”, image 6 will appear.

Image 4 image 5

Image 6
5. After change to on image 6, it means it is downloading Aplayer software and set it automatically. After the process bar “” of is full, it means it finishes the installation.
6.After finishing the installation, the interface of the mobile phone will appear CPlayer icon, like the image 7.

II. How to use CPlayer
1. Click Cplayer icon, open the software. The introduction of the interface function is as below:

① PTZ direction key (up, down, left and right)
② PTZ lens control (magnify+, reduce-),(focus+, focus-), (iris+, iris-)
③ Choose the monitor channel
④ The function of the key from left to right: Pause, capture, full screen mode, next monitor option, monitor connection setting.
⑤ Exit, the middle key of the phone
2. Set the monitor point: it is the same setting with Symbian and Windows.

① IP address of the monitor point
② Network port
③ User name
④ Password
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