Fire protection requirements for electric vehicle garages

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Fire protection requirements for electric vehicle garages

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The fire code for the garage, repair garage and parking lot of internal combustion engine vehicles does not apply to the garage of electric vehicles equipped with electric vehicle charging facilities.
There is currently no effective automatic fire extinguishing system for electric vehicle battery fires. Garages equipped with decentralized charging facilities should be equipped with fire extinguishers in accordance with the "serious danger level". The ABC dry powder fire extinguisher can be set, and the clean gas fire extinguisher can be properly added. Portable and cart can be used in the form of combination, and should be appropriately strengthened configuration amount. Water - based fire extinguishers should be carefully used. Fire extinguishers are less likely to effectively extinguish fires in electric vehicles, especially power batteries. Therefore, the configuration of fire extinguishers mainly considers fire extinguishers in charging facilities.
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Mother of five killed in Tesla car fire in Ohio

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Officials said that the electric car made it difficult to extinguish the flames.
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A mother of five was killed when the Tesla she was driving crashed near an elementary school in Ohio, police said.

Christy Corder was driving her Tesla on 8 November morning when it overturned after going off the side of the road.

A family friend confirmed to WLWT that Corder was killed in a crash around 4.15am on Gaskins Road near Merwin Elementary School in Clermont County, Ohio.

Captain Mike Masterson of Pierce Township Fire Department told WCPO that the electric car made it difficult to extinguish the fire.

He said: “A standard car fire, typically, once we get the fire extinguisher, it’s out. It’s done, we’re good to go. What we’re finding with this one is the batteries are shorting out on us, and they just keep generating heat and keep reigniting.”

The local media reported that Corder’s car struck a pole during the crash causing the nearby elementary school — Merwin Elementary School — to lose power.
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