What positions are available for weak current engineering projects?

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What positions are available for weak current engineering projects?

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The weak current engineering department is generally composed of a project manager. For larger projects, an assistant may be assigned to the project manager. However, most small and medium-sized projects are a project manager who has multiple roles, so in addition to the project manager, What are the job responsibilities of other personnel?
General projects mainly have these positions:

1. Responsibilities of Project Manager

2. Job Responsibilities of Project Manager

3. Job Responsibilities of Deputy Project Manager

4. Responsibilities of the technical person in charge

5. Job Responsibilities of Professional Technical Engineers

6. Security officer job responsibilities

7. Responsibilities of Quality Inspector

8. Job Responsibilities of Material Staff

Let's take a look at what are the responsibilities of these positions?

1. Responsibilities of Project Engineering Department

The project engineering department is responsible for the daily management and resource allocation of the entire project, promotes the progress of the project, and solves various emergencies. The project manager is a senior project manager who has rich engineering experience and has organized and implemented similar large-scale integrated system projects. The project manager is responsible System to ensure that the quality and quantity of the project are completed on time.

Its specific responsibilities are:

1. Preliminary preparation stage: Analyze the reality of the project, prepare a specific project budget plan and submit it to the relevant departments of the company for review and approval, and submit the purchase plan, human resource plan and construction schedule plan to the site management, construction technicians and engineering team. Issue mission responsibilities, organize training and project clarifications, establish project rewards and punishments; establish on-site construction site offices and related management procedures and technical file systems.

2. Construction design stage: Cooperate with Party A to organize a weak current system plan design review meeting; comply with relevant national design regulations and specifications; preside over the formulation of system construction design plans, formulate professional construction design data delivery document formats, and cooperate with Party A to organize system construction design drawings review , Review the pipeline diagram and installation diagram.
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