New integration of home security system

How to make home security solution? What type of security system should I choose? Should I DIY Home security or have monitor company make it?
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New integration of home security system

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HiFi + NVR +Alarm
New integrated central monitoring iot system
HiFi Music + Security Alarm
Meian tech new designed Alarm NVR with HiFi sounder
Technology makes people's life convenient and comfortable. HDMI 5 in 1 Bluetooth, 4G, TCP/IP, Burglar Alarm, NVR, HiFi Music, Smart Home Control
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home security camera
home security camera
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Home security and home automation

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central monitoring HIFI NVR Alarm
HiFi Music + Security Alarm
NVR +Alarm HDMI 5 in 1 Bluetooth, 4G, TCP/IP, Burglar Alarm, NVR, HiFi Music, Smart Home Control
New integrated central monitoring iot system WIFI+GPRS or WIFI+4G network
Video function:
Video input: 4*IPC1080P
Synchronous playback: 4*IPC1080P
Video compress mode: H.265
Video output: 1 line HDMI, 1 line VGA output
Transmission mode: Support WIFI relay forwarding function
system performance: Preview/video/playback/backup/network monitoring
Image motion detection: 396 (22×18) detection areas can be set per screen; Multiple levels of sensitivity can be set, adjustable from 1 to 6 levels
Double identification of moving image alarm and probe space intrusion alarm
Support mobile APP video monitoring, as well as PTZ and home appliance control
Support P2P/IE control/platform /Onvif protocol
Wifi connection support (meian wifi camera only)
Support for routing (router 4G only)

Alarm Function:
Voice intercom: 1 line two-way voice intercom
SMS: support sms alarm, arm/disarm
E-mail: Support E-mail receiving of alarm information
Support IE remote control
Alarm Receiving telephone: 2 CMS phone, 4 user alarm phone, 2 free arm/disarm phone
CMS protocol: SIA-2013, meian protocol, Contact ID
Defense areas manage: support 8 independent arm/disarm areas
arm/disarm timer: support 4 groups of arm/disarm timers
Support tamper-resistant
Network protocol: Static IP, DHCP (automatic IP address acquisition)
network interface: 1 RJ45 10M/100M adaptive
1 UIM card slot, 1 SMA antenna interface, support GPRS/4G
USB port 2个: 1个USB2.0,1个USB1.1
System capacity: 32 single bus +96 wireless devices (including intelligent electrical control)
Arm/disarm method: Whole arm/disarm, 8 defense area arm/disarm, independent arm/disarm
GSM communication: SMS arm/disarm, GPRS network communication
4G communication: Support video upload, 4G 2-way communication, network remote operation and control
IP communication: IE programming, remote upgrade, remote control, network alarm
Special functions: voice prompt, 2-way intercom, scene monitoring, timer arm/disarm
Expanded functions: relay output linkage, program output
Wireless system form: FSK wireless system

HIFI Function:
Audio input: 1 line audio input, PS/2 interface
Audio format: WMA, APE, FLAC, AAC, DTS, MP3
Audio source: AUX, Bluetooth, USB, SD, FM, Internet
Sound effect:3D stereo, HiFi Site,Mega bass,Pure vocals
Voice frequency range: 30Hz-22000Hz
Output power: 30W+30W
Support alarm linkage voice delivery
Keyboard bus
1 RS485 half duplex
Support 8 pcs Remote controller, Maximum 100m transmission distance at open area
Support maximum 8 wired or wireless keypad
Support 16 lines electrical switch control
Frequency: FSK 433/868MHz
1 pc 2.5inch SATA hard disk interface, Maximum 4T
Built-in battery: 7.4VDC/4Ah
Power supply: 110-240VAC 50/60Hz
Working environment: -10℃~+55℃,85%@30℃

Optional accessories: (Need to shop FSK communication accessories)
HA-8501 WIFI (1080) 1080P WIFI security camera
MC-565R(FSK) Wireless motion sensor
MD-211R(FSK) Wireless door magnetic contact
PB-453R(FSK) Wireless remote controller
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Re: New integration of home security system

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The integration of home security systems with home appliance repair services in Dubai offers a comprehensive solution for homeowners. With this integration, homeowners can not only monitor and secure their homes but also conveniently schedule repairs for their appliances through the same system. This streamlined approach ensures prompt attention to any malfunctioning appliances, enhancing the overall convenience and efficiency of home management. By combining these two essential services, homeowners in Dubai can enjoy peace of mind and a seamless experience in maintaining a safe and well-functioning household.
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