How to use home security system

Question you may have and answer you may need before shopping home security system.
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How to use home security system

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Home security system is always installed by security service company or professional ones. He should know how the home security system work and installed it according to product manual.
After installation, the home security system can work well as expected. But if environment changed, such as season changed, the PIR sensitivity may not suit for the changed environment and need to adjust.
Except for the installation of home security system, family members should know how the home security system work and how to use it.
How to use the home security system then?
1. After installation of the home security system, power on it, power led and armed zone led indication will be lit on. The system is on work.
2. At arm status, the door contact sensor, PIR intruder sensor is on work. If people is at home, the home security system should be set as away home arm or disarm to avoid false alarm caused by motion of people at home.
3. Remote controller should be placed at certain location and enables easy operation if false alarm happens.
4. There is emergency call function on remote controller, if emergency button is pressed, it will trigger linked siren strobe of sound and light alarm on spot. At the same time, it will send report to alarm control panel and notify alarm event by SMS, voice call, app prompt.
5. If alarm received, turn on the app monitor to verify. If true alarm is verified, call police to deal with it and turn on listen in with audio to tell theft he has been monitored.
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How to use home security system

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i want to build a project on home security system.the thing i had done till is to send current on parallel the problem faced is which sensor is to be used for motion,smoke and to detect fire.
also how to get their acknowledgement back to pc.
plz help me out
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How to use home security system

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How do you use md5check.exe? I downloaded the .bin file for dd-wrt, you browse to select the file in md5, but there has to be something to compare it to, where do you get the file to compare it to?
Maybe someone could explain how to use md5
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