Smoke Alarm and installation cautions

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Smoke Alarm and installation cautions

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Independent smoke alarm is a smoke detector specially used for fire monitoring and alarm in small places such as homes, stores and shops. Photoelectric smoke detector is controlled by MCU, which can intelligently judge fire smoke and give out alarm in time.
The smoke induction of independent photoelectric smoke detector is mainly completed by optical maze. There are a group of infrared emission and receiving phototubes in the maze. The angle of incidence is 135 degrees. When there is no smoke in the environment, the receiving tube can not receive the infrared light emitted by the infrared emitter, and the subsequent sampling circuit has no electric signal change. When there is smoke in the environment, the smoke particles enter the maze to scatter the infrared light emitted by the emitter, and the intensity of the scattered infrared light has a certain linear relationship with the smoke concentration. The subsequent sampling circuit changes through the built-in smoke detector. MCU judges these changes to confirm whether a fire alarm occurs. Once the fire alarm is confirmed, the smoke detector sends out a fire alarm signal, the fire indicator (red) lights up, and the buzzer starts to alarm.

Test function: When the smoke detector is installed and connected to the power supply, the LED indicator flashes about every 50S, indicating that it has entered the normal working state. Press the test button on the detector, the buzzer built in the detector will give an alarm, and light the LED indicator. Loosen the test button, the detector will return to its normal working state. Note: It is recommended that users test smoke detectors every other time to ensure that they are in normal working condition.

Alarm function: When the smoke detector detects the smoke concentration in the surrounding environment reaches the alarm threshold, the LED indicator will flicker quickly, keep constant brightness after about 5S, and the buzzer will give an alarm sound. When the smoke concentration decreases, the smoke detector automatically restores to its normal working state.

low power reminder: When the battery voltage of smoke detector is lower than 7.5V, the detector will make a short "beep" sound and light indication. The buzzer will call about 50S once, which reminds the user to replace the battery.

Installation cautions:
1. DO NOT install it at place where smoke always exists
2. DO NOT install in places with large dust, oil, steam and corrosive gases
3. DO NOT install in places with ventilation speed greater than 5 m/s
4. DO NOT install in Places with relative humidity greater than 95%
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Smoke Alarm and installation cautions

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i cant figure out what blew...i cut all of the wires from the alarm off of what i had them connected i have to spend all day today trying to make my HU work again...
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