The intellectualization of security makes many security personnel lose their jobs

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The intellectualization of security makes many security personnel lose their jobs

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Traditional security industry and security engineering construction needs all kinds of personnel. They are weak electrical drafters, engineering designers, engineering builders, software designers and implementer, etc.
Intelligent security makes DIY home Security possible. Intelligent security does not require personnel on duty. Intelligent security greatly reduces the construction of security engineering. Intelligent security also does not require on-site operation and maintenance personnel.
For example, huawei released a camera called "Four No Type Camera,"which can achieve one-click cleaning, self-detection, self-repair and other post-operation and maintenance work, and it adopts solar charging method to achieve complete wireless processing, and it is easy to install, with dovetail slot plug, one step in place.
The intelligent, lightweight and convenient design of weak current equipment gives the security industry a new idea. In the future, security equipment is likely to plug and play like household appliances. So many security personnel may lose their jobs.
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FinalWire AIDA64 Extreme/Engineer/Business/Network Audit 6.70.6000 Final & Portable [Repack by Litoy] [2022, MULTILANG]

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