How to operate Fire Alarm Control Panel?

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How to operate Fire Alarm Control Panel?

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What should you do if the fire alarm control panel alarms?
1. Press "Mute" key on the fire alarm panel. Then check the fire location displayed on the fire alarm control panel. Ask the patrol to verify it.
2. If the fire is verified, start the sound and light alarm device to send out the alarm sound to remind the people on the spot.
3. Call fire police center for help.
4. Start fire extinguishing equipment.

If the fire alarm is not a real one, what should you do?
Check the fire alarm zone(for conventional fire alarm system), check and find out the fault detector. Replace it or repair it.
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How to operate Fire Alarm Control Panel

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My church has 3 Gamewell fire alarm panels not security related, each panel has 2 7ah batteries. The alarm company we use says the batteries are good for 24 hours after a power failure. The church wanted longer, so the alarm company came back with a

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Re: How to operate Fire Alarm Control Panel?

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