Safety is the first necessity for survival

How can we keep safe and avoid accidents? If we follow some rules, maybe we can do.
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Safety is the first necessity for survival

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There are two major threats to the safety of people's lives and property. One is human-caused destruction, such as theft, robbery, and murder. The second is the damage caused by natural disasters, such as fire, gas leak, earthquake, typhoon.
Safety technology prevention system through effective measures and equipment to prevent these unsafe factors, Create a safe living environment for people.
But the deterioration of living environment security, man-made destruction, rising crime rate, sometimes these anti-theft security system can not stop. What human beings need more is respect and help for each other. Break down barriers, live an optimistic and positive life, and solve problems amicably.
Today, people on the earth need and communicate with each other more and more closely. I hope people can understand and respect each other more and work together to create a peaceful living environment. We need safety.
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Black Friday $0 shoppers tend to be young

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(CNN)At least 30 people entered a Best Buy store in Burnsville, Minnesota, on Black Friday and stole electronics, according to a Burnsville Police statement obtained by CNN affiliate WCCO.
A similar incident occurred last month when a Chicago beauty supply store was looted by a group of younger.
I think we should face up to the pressures young people face in life. The serious polarization between rich and poor in society is deeply reflected in the young generation. Education is important as well.
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