Independent fire detection alarm easy fire prevention

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Independent fire detection alarm easy fire prevention

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Application of independent fire detection alarm and other fire fighting technologies can easy increase fire prevention, fire fighting and rescue capabilities. The early fire detection and warning can strengthen the ability of social fire prevention and control and improve fire fighting and rescue.
1. Independent (Household) Smoke Fire Detection and Alarm Device. The detection alarm is a fire detection and alarm device which works independently and can send out sound and light alarm signals to warn people to escape from fire danger. The independent smoke alarm uses battery power supply, without other control equipment and external power supply, has the advantages of simple installation, rapid alarm response, wide applicability, economy and durability, especially in the night to detect fires and send out alarm signals, warning people to escape from the fire. Fire detection alarms are mainly suitable for installing in buildings and places where automatic fire alarm system has not been stipulated in the current national fire control technical specifications, such as collective dormitories, construction sites, family hotels, small catering places, small public entertainment places, small shopping malls and other personnel-intensive buildings and places.
2. High Sensitivity Inhalation Smoke Fire Detection and Alarm System. The system can identify potential fire situation in the early stage before the fire formation (when smoke has not yet appeared), and send earlier warning. It is helpful for taking timely measures to prevent fire disaster in the early stage. It also provides a high-sensitivity ultra-early fire detection and alarm technology to meet the application needs for important places. The fire detection and alarm system is mainly applicable to computer center, power dispatching and command center, post and telecommunication hub, pattern information center, cultural relics and historic sites, nuclear power plant and other important units and places.
3. Compressed air type a foam extinguishing system (CAFS) device. The device is equipped with water guns, water cannons and reels, and can be used for fire-fighting and cooling protection by spraying water, mixing liquid, dry foam and wet foam. It has the characteristics of less water consumption, high fire extinguishing efficiency, wide range, good insulation and cooling effect and wide fire extinguishing scope. Not only can it be used in small fire trucks, water tank trucks, emergency rescue trucks and other vehicles, but also can be used independently as a separate system.
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Wireless Fire alarm sensors

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Wireless smoke sense, gas detector can be easily connected to the alarm system, in case of fire, in addition to the scene of sound and light alarm, and send alarm signal to the monitoring phone.
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The fire alarm required for home security

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Independent fire alarm detectors include smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors are fire equipment that fire departments specify must be installed in homes.
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Prevent fire with fire sensor

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If you accidentally drop soot, use your stove improperly, or use an aging power cord, a big fire could be brewing while you're sleeping or doing something else. People can not always pay much attention on what they do. So, a big fire always happen at that way.
The safety of home life is something we must seriously consider. In order to prevent all possible disasters, we must resort to high-tech intelligent products. Home fire is one of the most deadly and harmful accidents in home safety. A fire detector is a household protection device that must be installed in every home. If you do not have a safety alarm in your home, you must at least have a stand-alone smoke detector.
Stand-alone smoke detector is powered by battery. You just need to fix the base on the ceiling with two screws, then attach the detector to the base.
When smoke in the environment reaches the alarm limit (UL217 standard), loud sound (85dB in 10 feet) and red flash is triggered. People will be notified to extinguish the fire or evacuate.
Smoke alarm should be installed in every bedrooms, living room, corridor. One stand-alone smoke alarm can cover a room of 30-40 m2 (300-400 ft2).
In a fire, people often suffocate to death by inhaling the noxious fumes. Smoke detectors can tell people how much smoke is in the environment so they can escape.
Independent smoke detectors do not require a professional to install them. Independent smoke detector is with self-check button, silence button, low power alarm. So, people can self-install and test it at home.
What is the meaning of smoke alarm LED indications and sounds? How to troubleshooting the smoke alarm? Check smoke alarm errors.
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Re: Independent fire detection alarm easy fire prevention

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