Understand the common sense of home safety

How can we keep safe and avoid accidents? If we follow some rules, maybe we can do.
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Understand the common sense of home safety

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Understand the common sense of safety, you can understand what safety issues should be paid attention to in daily work, and enhance your awareness of prevention.
Pay attention to fire prevention
1. Be aware of your location and make sure your passage is clear at all times.
2. Know the firefighting equipment and use method in your place of residence.
3. Do not overload electrical circuits. If additional indoor appliances are required, they must be installed by a qualified electrical technician.
4. Do not store any flammable and dangerous items indoors.
5. Family members should be indicated where the main power switch is located.In case of fire, cut off power in time.
6. When using gas, the window should be opened as far as possible, in case of gas leakage accident. When the gas is stopped, the main switch should be turned off.
7. Periodically check appliances, wires and pipes connected to gas. If any damage is found, replace it immediately.
8. If a fire breaks out, keep calm, report it to the fire department immediately, and indicate the correct point of fire.
9. Use different kinds of fire extinguishers for different kinds of combustibles. Burning of wood, paper, etc. should be extinguished with a pressurized hydraulic fire extinguisher. Burning of oil, fuel, gasoline and other flammable liquids should be extinguished with a dry powder or foam extinguisher. Burning of wires, electrical appliances and motors should be extinguished with dry powder or carbon dioxide fire extinguishers.

Pay attention to burglary
1. Close the doors and Windows when you go out.
2. Put your home alarm on alert when you leave the house.
3. Raise the awareness of defense, do not let strangers into the corridor.
4. If a burglar breaks into your home, call the police and secure the scene.Or press the emergency button to alarm and call for help from the security management center.

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