Fire escape question and answer

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Fire escape question and answer

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Most of us think we know what a fire looks like. We've experienced that many times in movies and on TV. But if you and I acted like movie stars in the middle of a fire, we'd be dead soon. To illustrate this point, let's test your knowledge of fire safety.
1. You are sleeping upstairs when a burning wastebasket catches fire to the curtains in your living room. The fire runs up the walls. The smoke alarm goes off and the noise wakes you up. About how long you have to leave the house.
A: 2 minutes
B: 5 minutes
C: 10 minutes
D:15 minutes

The correct answer is A. The National Fire Protection Council set fire to a wastebasket in the living room of an experimental house and recorded how long it took from the basket to start a fire. Two minutes later, the smoke alarm went off.Three minutes later, the living room temperature had risen to a death-threatening 500℉, and the downstairs room was filled with toxic smoke. Four minutes later, the upstairs and downstairs aisles were impassable. In a few moments, those who still in the house would be choked by the smoke or burned to death.

2. Suppose you were asleep and the smoke alarm went off, what would you do?
A: Get out of bed quickly and see what's going on
B: Call the fire department
C: Lower your body and move slowly to the door

The correct answer is C.
Standing up straight in the event of a fire and smoke will kill you in a short time. One of the things that most people don't know about fires is that the temperature at the scene of a fire is very high. When I put on my fireproof suit and walked into a burning house at the New York City Fire School. I found that it was certain that I would die if I remained in a standing position. When it's 200 ℉ two feet above the floor, then it is 500 ℉ five feet above the floor and it is 800 ℉ on the ceiling. If I were still standing, I would soon be burned to death. In addition, the smoke will block your view. When we see the fire scene in the movie, everything is very clear. In a real fire, you can hardly see anything. You may become disoriented or even lose track of where the Windows and doors are in a room you've always lived in. If you try to breathe a few times, carbon monoxide gas can suffocate you. As the smoke and heat rise, the air close to the floor is cleaner and it is easier to breathe.

3. Suppose you are in your bedroom and you hear the smoke alarm. What should you do?
A: Open the door quickly.
B: Touch the door with the back of your hand to see if it's getting hot.
C: Open the door slowly and look through the crack to know the situation outside.

The correct answer is B.
If the door is hot, the smoke and fire that come into the bedroom when you open the door can kill you. If the door is not hot, the fire may not be big enough, and you may be able to get out of the room the normal way. If you come across smoke on the stairs or in the hallway after leaving your room (be sure to close the door behind you to prevent the fire from spreading), stop immediately and do not try to escape from the fire. Do not hide in inaccessible areas such as attic floors or closets. Return to the room where the fire has not yet reached and close the door. The closed door will act as a temperature barrier. A standard wooden door gives you an extra 15 minutes, enough time to escape from the second route. Most buildings have metal doors that keep the fire out of reach, giving you more time.

4. Suppose you live on the 16th floor of a high-rise dormitory building. It is impossible to leave through a window, and the hallway is full of smoke. What should you do?
A: Go back to your house and call the fire department.
B: Put wet towels around the door.
C: If you need air, open the window carefully and check the nearby fire first.
D: Stay near the window and call the fireman for help.

All above are correct.
Do not use elevators unless instructed by the fire department. The power supply may short out, trapping you in the elevator.If you can't get out of the house, get down under the window so that you can get some fresh air.A wet towel on the door frame will prevent smoke from seeping in.

5. A guest at a party drops a cigarette between the cushions of your living room sofa. How long can the cigarette burn slowly before the sofa catches fire
A: 15 minutes
B: 30 minutes
C: 1 hour
D: More than 3 hours

The correct answer is D.
Careless smoking is the main cause of fire casualties.That's because it took so long to detect a cigarette fire. By the time the fire starts, people may have gone to sleep.Since smoking fires take longer to be detected, it is best to have a smoke alarm on the first floor of the house and outside every sleeping area. Many people think that if they fall asleep, the smell of smoke will wake them up. This is a mistake.The carbon monoxide gas contained in smoke can suffocate you before you even smell it.

6. A plate of butter is burning on the stove. How long do you have to put it out?
A: 2 minutes
B: five minutes
C: 7 minutes
D: In 10 minutes

The correct answer is A.
Don't try to put out the fire on the stove with water; it will make the burning butter fly all over the place. It is best to use a proper size fire extinguisher. You can also use a lid or baking soda to slowly smother the fire.If you haven't put the fire out in two minutes, leave the room.

Almost everyone will encounter some form of fire in their life. Knowing about fire and how to deal with it is the best fire insurance you can get.
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