Two-way wireless alarm technology and advantage

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Two-way wireless alarm technology and advantage

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The biggest problem of the traditional one-way wireless alarm system (that is, only the detector sends signals to the alarm controller) is the high rate of false alarms, especially in areas where wireless devices are in intensive use or places with serious electromagnetic interference. Because only the alarm detector sends the alarm signal to the controller, and it is unknown whether the controller receives it or not, thus causing the controller to miss receiving the signal from the detector. If two-way wireless technology is adopted, alarm information will be uploaded only after the detector sends a signal to the controller and receives the feedback and matching response signal from the controller. Otherwise, the controller will continue to send signals to the alarm host, which can avoid false alarms in the one-way wireless alarm system.
If the controller does not indicate the power supply of the detector battery, almost all users will not pay attention to it. Therefore, the false alarm or missing alarm, short detection or emitting distance etc. will occur due to the low power of the detectors. The detector will always send its own power status to the controller, which will inform the user on the keyboard display, so that the detector will always work properly. Two-way wireless and detector power indicator technology has been a necessary function of wireless anti-theft alarm products. The two-way wireless siren strobe can be controlled by remote controller. It can be equip to maximum 48 wireless devices. Two-way wireless communication technology keeps the alarm control panel communicating with all detectors and make sure all detectors are working well. ... light-p-96
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Two way wireless alarm technology and advantage

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Yup Radiostar is pretty cost effective as an alarm. Pair it up with a
similarly priced immobilizer and youll have a system that can rival
those which cost 2k and above
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