MCB-150 Microwave Perimeter Beam for High Security at Open Space

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MCB-150 Microwave Perimeter Beam for High Security at Open Space

Post by vedard » Thu Dec 06, 2018 4:00 am

Outdoor security equipment specializes in working for large space, extreme condition such as rainny, snowy, windy.
MCD-150 is microwave beam wired connection.
If you have large space of outdoor area need protection such as garage, pool,factory, garden, stock, station, you may need the beam system.
MCB-150 or MCB-200 is microwave beam system. Compares with photoelectric infrared beam system, microwave beam can cover larger protection area and with 3-dimensional.
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What security protection area can be covered? 200m for length, 2.5m for height, 5 m for width.
How to install the microwave beam system?
Well, download and read the manual for details.
MCB-150(English version).pdf
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Burglar Alarm System Installation Notes

Post by vedard » Thu Jan 24, 2019 2:02 am

Burglar Alarm System Installation is more complicated than CCTV security cameras’ installation. Especially for hard-wired burglar security detectors’ installation, there are some notes should be attended.
1. Select installation bracket
Some security system installers maybe ignore the effect of brackets. Actually, the bracket can help accurately adjust the probe to guard against detection area. It largely saves time and cost of security system adjustment and future maintenance. But when the detector is installed between two sides of the wall with 90 degree, the bracket can be left out.
2. Pipeline laying
We found potential dangers on pipeline laying in some burglar alarm system construction projects. The potential dangers we are talking here are not fire dangers but sabotage dangers. Using PVC cable sheath or even bared cable, not enough pipeline installation height etc. are the potential dangers for sabotage. Some security burglar alarm system installers may think this does not matter cause there is tamper-resistance function with the alarm master controller and it can make alarm when the detector is sabotaged. But the sabotage can greatly affect the security system working efficiency and even cause the security system shutdown for repair. It needs much time and energy for the security system engineers checking and troubleshooting. If the problem can not be solved in short time, the system may not been armed and not work.
Then what cable sheath should be used? Galvanized welded steel pipe with metal hose and fully sealed metal wiring box is the better equipment for cable wiring outdoor.
3. Hidden pipeline
In the actual installation process, especially for some new buildings, the pipeline should be buried. That will ensure concealment of transmission path and avoid sabotage. At the same time the buried pipeline should be convenient and flexible to access to the main bridge. In order to add wiring in the future using the threading apparatus, it is better to pre-set a small diameter steel cable in each pipeline.
security system project
Install hard-wired burglar alarm system
4. Redundancy of feeder cable length
When a probe is installed and fixed, the next thing to do is to connect the wire probe. How to accurately calculate the cable length reserved? If the feeder cable length is too short, it is difficult to adjust the probe angle. If the feeder cable length is too long, the probe case will be hard to cover and have to put the extra cable outside. But the exposed cable will cause detector security risks. So, we should firstly fix and adjust the detector target to protection area, then measure the needed wiring cable and cut off the extra cable.
5. Connect tamper-resistant switch
When connect the detector especially intrusion detector to the security system, the tamper-resistant switch should be connected as well. If tamper-resistant switch is not connected to the system, the theft can destroy the detector at disarm period and without notice.
6 wire cable such as RVV6*0.5 6 core cable is used to connect the detector. Two wires are used for power supply connection. Two wires are used for alarm contact connection. Two wires are used for tamper-resistant switch connection. The tamper-resistant switch wiring should be connected to 24 hours defense zone. So, it can ensure the security of the detector and system against sabotage.
7. Early Determination of installation location
The detector installation location should be determined early before system installation cause it is hard to move after installation. The detector installation location should be determined according to protection area and environment. If the installation location is not proper, the false alarm and missing alarm events may happen.
Burglar Alarm Systems are popularly installed for security protection of home, business and industry. But if burglar alarm system is not installed correctly, the security system may not work properly. So, correctly installed burglar alarm system can ensure the security system working effect without repair and trouble. Every security system installer should know the installation principle and not only install the detector, alarm panel according to the products manual.
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Digital frequency conversion technology for seurity system

Post by vedard » Sun Feb 17, 2019 1:35 pm

What is infrared lighting? Many remote controller is using infrared lighting to control the device such as TV set. If there is no digital frequency convention technology adopted for infrared beam system, the TV set remote controller can be used to send infrared lighting and keeps the beam working normally and enterning into the premise without notice.
Digital frequence conversion technology enhanced infrared beam security and reliability.
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