Install Infrared Beams Detector

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Install Infrared Beams Detector

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Installing active infrared beams detector is harder than installing passive infrared detector. The beams detector is installed at outdoor open space. It is always fixed on pillar or on wall. We should firstly confirm the protection line and draw the installing place on drawing. Then we mark the accurate installing point on fixing object such as wall or pillar by level instrument or other tools.
Installing ways:
1. Installing the beams on pillar: there are some types of pillars such as pipe and square columns. The shapes are “1” shape, “z” shape or “L” shape. We should choose the correct type of pillar according to installing building feature and security protection requirement. The pillar should be fixed on ground or other objects strongly and without moving or shaking. It is important to ensure the beams detector installing and working properly.
2. Installing the beams on wall: the infrared beams can be installed on wall or fence, windows directly. The Optical lens of the detector has automatic up and down adjustment of 20 degree. Use fixing bracket to install the infrared beams on surface of wall or frame of windows.
Principles of installing infrared beams detectors:
Detectors installed on passageway: It is used to stop illegal passing and avoid false alarm caused by pet or small animals. So, the beams should be installed more than 50 cm (from the infrared beams hole) over the ground. The beams blocking response speed should be set at fast rate.

Use Infrared Beams Detector to stop illegal climbing over the wall

Detectors installed on parapet wall: It is used to stop illegal climbing over the parapet wall. The beam can be installed over the top of the parapet wall or over the side of the parapet wall. It should be installed more than 25 cm (from the infrared beams hole) over the top of the parapet wall to avoid false alarm caused by bird or cat etc. animals. And the distance should be less than 30 cm between the beams hole and the wall inside part. When it is installed at side part of the parapet wall, it should be installed at outside part of the wall and near the top part.

Fixing break beams on wall by pillar
The installation way should be chosen according to protection requirement and building features. 4 beams infrared detector performed better than 3 beams to avoid false alarm.
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