Solar energy all wireless detection technology

How to make home security solution? What type of security system should I choose? Should I DIY Home security or have monitor company make it?
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Solar energy all wireless detection technology

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The solar wireless infrared detector technology is another new starting point for the development of the detector. Solar infrared fence and solar infrared light wall make good use of the solar power supply, Alarm signal is sent wirelessly, and no complicated power supply wire is needed. It saved the heavy work of construction and maintenance of the perimeter security system.

The solar infrared radiation detector has a built-in rechargeable lithium battery, the power supply part is powered by solar panels, and the energy consumption is very low. Even in rainy days, it can use the stored electricity for 20 days, so it can recycle the solar energy without laying power cables. Generally speaking, the solar panel is amorphous silicon, which can generate electric energy without direct sunlight. The installation environment is greatly expanded. In addition, the power supply capacity of the solar panel is far greater than the power consumption of the opposite beam, so as to ensure that the solar panel can work normally in the night without light and continuous rainy days.

In addition to the integration with smart home, the alarm host also adds SMS and voice functions, the main purpose of which is to improve the practicability of the system. Using SMS alarm mode, the alarm signal can be received anywhere, and the communication time is very short and fast. After adding the voice system, you can make a phone call at any time for voice communication and voice monitoring, so as to more accurately grasp the situation of the alarm scene. For example, the wired and wireless compatible alarm host can realize remote deployment, defense removal, remote monitoring and alarm signal activation through the phone and mobile phone, and can automatically play these information, and accurately inform the outside of the information of the attack and rescue.

In addition to releasing alarm information, the alarm center can also release property management content and notices to the host. At present, this function has been applied in some high-end residential areas in China. In addition, in order to find out the situation of the alarm accident, help the alarm receiving center and the public security department to solve the case quickly and provide better service for customers, more and more alarm hosts have the function of information storage, which is suitable for the central controller of large-scale networking alarm center, and can store 1000 alarm information for users to query at any time.
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