How to escape from fire on high rising building

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How to escape from fire on high rising building

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If you are living or working in high rising building, how should you escape from fire if it happens there? What should you do and what not?

Find the fire exit and run downstairs quickly

Once fire happens, call the police and run downstairs from the fire exit quickly. If there is already a spread of smoke, lower the body position and move quickly.

escape from fire correctly

What should I do if I find myself crossing the fire floor when I escape?

Quickly go upstairs to a higher floor and find a suitable room to hide. Do not try to go through the fire floor. The fire center temperature is over 1000 degree. And do not stay near the fire floor cause the temperature is several hundreds degree as well. You can not keep yourself in the smoke for more then 5 minutes even with a wet towel.

What type of room is suitable for hiding from fire?

Do not hide in washing room. There is always no windows in high rising building washing rooms. People may be suffocated by smoke. The most accessible room is the best hidden room. People can get first save in this room. Of course there should be with window of this room and without anti-theft fence. Fire-men will save the most easy accessible people on fire to save more people. Close the door when you enter into the room, seal all the air conditioner outlets and break the windows. If it is toughened glass, then use sharp containers to break the four corners of the window.

Can I go through fire floor

What should you do when you are staying in the room?

Do not always shout “Help,” you will therefore consume more oxygen and inhaled too much carbon monoxide and nitrogen. If it is daytime, swing out the bright colored clothes or cloth from the window for significant. If it is at night, using flashlight as significant. Do not use lighter cause it is not obvious and may lead to explosion of flammable gases.

How to ask for help from fire department

Study to use fire extinguisher.

There is dry powder fire extinguishers and dry ice fire extinguishers. You can only use dry powder fire extinguishers to spray on people bodies when fire is on your colleagues or family members. Otherwise, a dry ice fire extinguisher will spray out minus 70 degree dry ice and cause explosion of the fired muscles.
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