How to clean Smoke Detector

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How to clean Smoke Detector

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Smoke Detector is essential component of fire security alarm system. It can sense smoke and if the smoke density reaches to set value, it triggers alarm.
According to the fire department regulation, the smoke detector should be cleaned at least once every 3 years. Because the using environment is with dust and oil in the air. The dust and oil will cover on the smoke detector and even infiltrate into the sensor part of the smoke detector. If the smoke sensor is covered by dust or oil, the sensitivity will change and it can not accurately detects smoke of fire.
Smoke detector is designed with dust proof such as with dust cover and with labyrinth chamber. But cleaning of the smoke detector is necessary as well. The cleaning work can be done regularly by professional cleaning department with ultrasonic cleaner.

For family smoke detector or not very dirty environment used smoke detector, it can be cleaned easy by vacuum cleaner. Below we will introduce the steps of smoke detector cleaning by vacuum.

Notify the proper authorities of smoke detector maintenance and disable the zone.
Remove the sensor to be cleaned from the system.
Remove the sensor cover by pressing firmly on each of the four removals tabs that hold the cover in place.
Vacuum the screen carefully without removing it. If further cleaning is needed, continue with step. 5, otherwise skip to step 7.
Remove the chamber cover/screen assembly by pulling it straight out.
Use a vacuum cleaner or compressed air to remove dust and debris from the sensing chamber.
Reinstall the chamber cover/screen assembly by sliding the edge over the sensing chamber. Turn until it is firmly in place.
Replace the cover using the LEDs to align the cover and then gently pushing it until it locks into place.
Reinstall the detector
Test the detector as described in testing of manual.
Reconnect disabled circuits.
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local fire alarm service

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Fire alarms can be handed into the local fire station here. Also, you can bring any extinguishers needing serviced and theyll exchange them for freshly serviced ones there and then, for a small fee. Far cheaper than having a company come in and do it. A while back they were doing home visits to check if alarms were installed etc, i had one done and they not only gave me 3 new smoke detectors and another carbon monoxide alarm but installed them too, cracking service really. Give your local station a call and see what they can do.

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