What do you need to know about corona virus?

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What do you need to know about corona virus?

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Symptoms of a new coronavirus patient:
1. Have a fever
2. Weak
3. No runny nose, no cough.
4. CT examination revealed bilateral pulmonary changes.
In the ill worsening stage, feeling chest tightness, shortness of breath, difficulty of breathing.
What should you do if you think you get corona virus? If you are in the initial mild phase of the disease,take rest and drink a large amount of water. Have more meals a day but less food at each. Have some medicine if you can get it. Remember to isolate yourself from others at home.
In the ill worsening stage, you should go to the hosipital and get help with breathing machine. It will have a hard time of 4-5 days. You will keep having fever. Remember to relax your mind, have good rest and good meals. So, the virus will be defeated.
We wish everyone healthy!
Corona virus will spread quickly and widely. Because it has 14 days and even longer incubation period. The infected patient doesn't know he or she is infected and no symptoms showed up. So, many people will be infected. But most infected people are mild case and can recover quickly with proper, speedy treatment.
We should not fear it but we should protect ourselves. No gather, stay at home is the best way to protect ourselves from the corona virus.
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Re: What do you need to know about corona virus?

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Thank you for the useful information Sir, Hope you and your family is fine in this pandemic condition. :)
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