Security Products and Smart Home

How to make home security solution? What type of security system should I choose? Should I DIY Home security or have monitor company make it?
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Security Products and Smart Home

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Video surveillance, detection and alarm, building intercom, artificial intelligence, 5G communication and other technologies jointly build a home security system. They do not exist independently. They play a common role in the big application scenario of family and make our life more safe and comfortable.
In practical application, the household security system monitors the key areas around the house, doors, rooms, indoor passages, garages and so on in real time, and eliminates the safety hazards in the bud. For example, households in digital communities, many intelligent terminal devices are equipped with monitoring probes. Through the integration of mobile communication network and WLAN system, users can realize seamless wireless video surveillance of "any time, any place, any terminal". Users can log in to the above devices anytime and anywhere through mobile terminals for viewing. By installing infrared alarms, gas detectors, smoke detectors, door magnetic detectors and other alarm detectors, when users go out, they can be set to the state of distribution. When there are fire, gas leakage, burglary and other incidents in the home, the probes and sensors in the home will feed back the problem, and the home intelligent terminal can automatically send the alarm information to the user's terminal. On the one hand, users receive alarm information and real-time pictures at the first time, and can contact the property management center of the community in time for processing, to ensure home safety.
The combination of 5G and AI in smart home market will greatly affect the innovation strength and speed of smart home industry, and improve the status quo of each brand fighting separately. For example, when we view smart cameras remotely through mobile app, we can get higher resolution images, and the delay of data transmission will be greatly reduced. Through 5G network transmission, the surveillance camera can still capture 8K pictures hundreds of meters away. In addition, because 5G technology supports more connected devices, the upper limit of total devices in smart home scenarios has been raised.
In the process of popularization of smart home, the intersection of application scenarios is also gradually spreading. More and more equipment enterprises have more and more intersection with Internet platform, real estate developers, operators, decoration and decoration, building materials home and hotels. These new connections have common attributes - building a new life style around people's life services through intelligent software and hardware. The mission of smart home is also the root of cross-application scenarios. Cross-application scenarios give birth to more cloud-based online and offline services, which is a phased achievement, and heralds the coming era of diversified interaction in the future.
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Security Products and Smart Home

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If you are available for At&t digital life, it's a great security/automation service. I had it at my last house. Full wireless. Works off your Internet and AT&T wireless network.

If you are in an area and are interested in the product, let me know I can get someone with you. I work for Att but my location doesn't sell digital life, but I know people who do.

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Security Products and Smart Home

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Avoid wireless and go with wired cameras - vandal domes perhaps. Almost all dvrs now allow for remote viewing you'll just need an internet connection at the summer home. Let me know if you need recommendations re: camera and dvr.

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Security Products and Smart Home

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I'd recommend a Qvis Security Apollo HD or Zeus DVR. They are priced well, perform well, and are user friendly. Cameras there are many options, some reasonably priced vandal domes are:

You can Google suppliers for these cameras and dvrs if you like them. Good luck

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Re: Security Products and Smart Home

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Solar Camera Security Inbuilt Battery
Operating System: Linux
Image Sensor: 1/3 million pixel CMOS
IP Rating: IP66
Lens: 3.6MM Million HD Lens
Resolution: 1080P: 2 million pixels
Frame Rate: 25 Frames
Audio Input: Built-in mic
Audio Output: Built-in speakers
Storage: Support Micro SD card storage, maximum 32GB
Intelligent Alarm: PIR Human Temperature Detection
Infrared Light: 8 infrared light, 850nm, the effective distance of 10 meters
Battery: 5200 Ma lithium-polymer battery
Standby Time: 5 Months

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