Campus Intelligent Security System Solution

How to make home security solution? What type of security system should I choose? Should I DIY Home security or have monitor company make it?
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Campus Intelligent Security System Solution

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Campus intelligent security system mainly includes the following parts: control center, sub-control center (guard, duty room), video surveillance subsystem, intrusion alarm subsystem, card license plate recognition subsystem, platform IP intercom and broadcast subsystem, video education live broadcast subsystem, intelligent application subsystem, video quality diagnosis subsystem, video centralized storage subsystem, television wall. Subsystem, intelligent computer monitoring subsystem, computer room power environment monitoring subsystem and communication network transmission subsystem.
Video surveillance subsystem:
Video surveillance points of main road, canteen, student apartment, teaching building, laboratory building, sports venue and garage on campus are located in entrance and exit areas and densely staffed areas.
Intrusion alarm subsystem:
According to the scene situation, it can be divided into perimeter infrared counter-fire alarm area, each corridor entrance detection alarm area, finance room and laboratory and other important places alarm detection area.
Card license plate recognition subsystem:
Mainly for the campus vehicles in and out of the gate to implement vehicle in and out snapshot, identification.
Intelligent application subsystem:
Where some alarms and other devices can not be installed in some important areas, the early warning function is realized by intelligent analysis of real-time video, and related video images, map points, text reminders and voice broadcasting are linked in the control center.
Video quality diagnosis subsystem:
Through periodic inspection of the camera and hard disk recorder in the system, periodic inspection reports are made on the loss of video signal, serious color bias of video image, blurred video image, electronic interference of video image, and the status of hard disk recorder, video recording situation, video configuration plan and hard disk status are checked. The above detection is submitted to users in the form of reports.
Video storage subsystem:
There are two storage modes: network hard disk recorder NVR storage and direct disk array storage.
TV wall subsystem:
According to the height and layout of the campus control center, the TV wall system is composed of 12 splicing screens in three rows, four rows and a total of 12 splicing screens. It realizes the arbitrary splicing of 12 splicing screens and has the function of splicing roaming at the same time. The monitoring system can adapt to the splicing changes of the large screen. Through three video matrix servers, any video image of any manufacturer in the system can be projected onto the large screen of the TV wall. And 16 video images are displayed on each screen.
Smart phone monitoring subsystem:
The function of browsing real-time image remotely is realized by smart phone or mobile tablet computer, and it also has the function of capturing image.
Power Environment Monitoring Subsystem of Computer Room
By installing PRU control equipment in the computer room of the control center, collecting the temperature and humidity in the computer room in real time to the monitoring platform of the control center, the remote over-temperature and over-humidity alarm can be realized.
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Campus Intelligent Security System Solution

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I guess my main concern is, will this stop somebody from popping in a livecd environment with an OpenBSD disk, mounting the root file system, chrooting, and running passwd?

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Campus Intelligent Security System Solution

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Hello All,

I have a project for one of my networking classes and I am completely at a loss. The assignment is to make 2 separate networks for a college campus, one for students only and one for faculty only. In addition to this, there should also be a separate Wi-Fi network on campus as well. I dont understand what equipment I should use and what even topology I should be using to implement this type of network? Any ideas? I dont need a long explanation, all I want is to get started at least and make sense out of it. Thanks

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Campus Intelligent Security System Solution

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I need software for security of my PC while accessing from unauthorized users. I am scared about my system configuration setting and other confidential detail.
Is there any app for solving my problem?
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