EAVS access video alarm all-in-one

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EAVS access video alarm all-in-one

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I. Overview:

EAVS is a digital, networked and intelligent alarm video monitoring system alarm host based on embedded software and hardware application technology, combined with advanced network communication technology, alarm technology and video compression technology. With video compression processing, storage backup, alarm video networking, audio output, two-way intercom, home appliance control, video linkage, remote control, centralized management and other basic features.

At the beginning of the product design, it is based on the concept of visual alarm. In terms of alarm, EAVS integrates wired alarm, wireless alarm and bus alarm, so that users can have sufficient choices in the construction of security system. The digital embedded system is adopted to make the alarm control more stable and reliable, and realize the remote visualization of the alarm, so as to effectively solve the problem of false alarms occurring in the scene detector, break the traditional concept of scene alarm, and make the alarm for the first time really let the user experience the safety and reliability. In combination with video surveillance, it can be set remotely or on the host, making the alarm linkage more effective. Users can remotely and effectively solve the problem of checking the personnel in and out of the monitoring area, so as to achieve the unification of alarm and monitoring. EAVS is an important milestone for the digitalization and remote visualization of alarm, and an effective combination of alarm and video surveillance, making intelligent alarm monitoring an important direction for the development of the alarm industry in the future.

With the continuous progress and update of network communication technology, optical fiber into the home, 4G mobile phone communication and other means provide superior conditions for the construction of urban alarm monitoring network platform. The emergence of new concepts such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing and big data has provided more technical support for the video alarm system industry. EAVS video alarm technology integrates intelligent video analysis, Internet of Things, smart home, wireless communication, embedded technology, GPS/GIS, cloud platform, mobile terminal, centralized integrated control and other application technologies to break through technical limitations. This makes the visual network alarm from a single alarm video service to smart home, smart community, safe city service integrated system solution provider development, to provide users with more personalized services.

Ii. Product Features:

Seamless connection of alarm video

EAVS visual alarm not only has the function of network alarm system, but also provides users with data analysis through high-definition video. For example, it provides non-alarm services such as conference call, video remote supervision and attendance checking through visual services. Realize the visualization of alarm system, and enrich the application function of the system.

Alarm linkage function

It perceives the alarm through the front-end detection of the alarm system, the mobile detection and the abnormal off-line alarm of the equipment, and realizes the linkage capture, linkage video, linkage sound and light equipment through the analysis of the alarm. Support mobile phone APP to browse videos, receive SMS alarm information, etc. By monitoring the client, you can accurately determine the alarm location when an alarm event occurs. Local storage and remote cloud storage are available for easy reference.

High definition video surveillance

Support digital, analog, AHD, CVI, TVI full format HD camera access, as well as a variety of digital analog scheme mix and match, more powerful, more flexible system configuration, a wider range of applications. VGA+HDMI dual HD output, HD resolution, more delicate picture quality, higher definition image. Any analog channel can be disabled, converted to IP channel, both DVR and NVR dual function. And adopt a number of IT high-tech, not only can realize independent high-definition monitoring locally, but also can network to form a set of powerful security system.

Diversification of communication modes

In the networked era, EAVS takes IP network technology as the basis for communication transmission. Through the development and application of wired and wireless network alarm technology, it has enriched the transmission carriers of alarm signals, enabling EAVS to receive and process multiple alarm information such as telephone line + broadband network, telephone line +GPRS, telephone line +GPRS+ broadband network, etc. It has also loaded 4G/wifi mobile transmission technology on its consumer products. Thoroughly solve the defects of the previous single transmission mode, improve the advanced nature and integrity of urban alarm video network system.

Smart home function expansion

In the era of the Internet of Things, voice and image recognition has become the entrance of human-computer interaction in this era. Through voice technology, image recognition and other human-computer interaction, it provides services for people's life more accurately. EAVS seamlessly connects security and alarm systems, high-definition video monitoring systems, environmental monitoring systems, access control systems, video intercom systems, home audio systems and household appliances through the Internet of Things technology. And the use of the industry's most advanced voice recognition technology, face recognition technology, intelligent analysis technology, become a new choice of smart home system.

Integrated with access control intercom system

EAVS integrates the main control board of the video surveillance system, anti-theft alarm system and access control system into one main board, which is managed by the integrated management platform software. The host integrates voice input and output module, which can realize two-way intercom with the management center. At the same time, it integrates access control system, compatible with various card, password keyboard, fingerprint recognition, face recognition and other multiple authentication modes. The design is flexible, which can meet the independent management needs of special users.

One-click system configuration

In view of the development trend of civilian security and alarm products, EAVS fully considers the complex procedures of system installation and operation in the system operation design, and adopts the "plug and play" method to provide simple and practical security system for ordinary users. When using EAVS, all you need to do is connect the network cable and turn on the power, and the system will automatically search for the front-end IP address, assign the IP address and configure the working parameters. After simple Settings, the system will enter the default working state. However, specific parameters still need to be set for professional engineering users.
Cloud platform service

After cloud technology in the IT field was introduced into the security industry, the concept of "cloud" services has spread throughout the security industry. EAVS alarm video networking system logs in to the cloud platform server through configuration. When an alarm event occurs, it will immediately upload the event to the cloud server. While storing the event, the cloud platform server sends the information to the mailbox or smart mobile terminal and other devices preset by users. Secondly, after the client management software is installed on an intelligent terminal, users can remotely access the cloud platform server for remote information viewing and system operation control.

Stability of transmission

The application of alarm monitoring system in various fields is more and more, in different environment and different installation conditions, because of the different installation environment, electrical environment, it is easy to cause the wireless communication signal of the same frequency interference. EAVS adopts the advanced FM bidirectional FSK technology, which can avoid the interference of wireless signals at the same frequency and make the front-end wireless communication system run more stable.

System cost control

The pursuit of high efficiency and low cost is a necessary measure for all industries to commercialize their products. Therefore, reasonable cost performance is an important part to be considered in system design. The high integration feature of EAVS minimizes the single combined device interconnection and external equipment such as linkage modules, thus greatly reducing the cost of system integration. In addition, the product is further improved from the technical design, such as the POE centralized power supply mode and the single bus transmission mode, which simplifies the complex procedures of system installation and effectively reduces the system operation cost.

Special function

EAVS not only provides comprehensive guarantee for functional application, but also adds many special functions, such as two-way intercom, on-site monitoring, remote system upgrade and no-defense zone setting mode. The highlight of the new EAVS is the setting mode of no defense zone. Users no longer need to spend energy on complex digital defense zones, but simply set the corresponding defense zone name by themselves, so that they can have clear information about the defense zone. Moreover, EAVS has greatly enhanced its humanistic care.

Design diversification

In view of the application trend of EAVS products, the company has diversified the appearance design of its products, so that modern industrial products have a strong sense of science and technology, but also pursue the visual impact of fashion. The design concept of art and fashion is more integrated into the product design of EAVS for civil use, so that the products are more appropriate to the modern family living environment. For industrial applications, under the condition of ensuring the stability of products, optimize the program design and simplify the product hardware structure, to simplify the complex installation and debugging procedures to the greatest extent, so that the engineering construction is more simple.

Three, product features:

Video features:

◎ Video input: Support AHD, TVI, CVI, TCP/IP analog access.

◎ Compression mode: H.264 hight profile.

◎ System performance: Preview/video/playback/backup/network monitoring.

◎ Double identification of moving image alarm and probe space intrusion alarm.

◎ Support mobile APP video surveillance, as well as cradle head and home appliance control.

◎ Support P2P/IE control/platform /Onvif protocol.

◎ Support WIFI wireless network camera configuration.

◎ Supports POE remote centralized power supply.

Alarm characteristics:

◎ System capacity: 8 wired +32 wireless +64 bus defense area +16 electrical control.

◎ Defense mode: whole cloth withdrawal, 8 zones cloth withdrawal, independent cloth withdrawal.

◎ Telephone communication: 2 alarm centers, 4 voice, 2 free cloth withdrawal.

GSM communication: four voice phone, short message cloth to remove GPRS network communication.

◎ IP communication: IE programming, remote upgrade, remote control, alarm networking.

◎ Unique features: voice prompt, two-way intercom, spot monitoring, timing deployment and withdrawal.

◎ Extended function: relay linkage, programmable output.

◎ Wireless Networking: ASK wireless networking.

Characteristics of access control:

◎ Support 2 card readers (can be set to two single-door two-way reading card).

◎ Supports up to 20,000 cardholders and 150,000 offline time records.

◎ Support multiple time groups and holiday period table open permission Settings.

◎ Compatible with all kinds of cards, password keyboard, fingerprint recognition, face recognition.

◎ All connection ports are equipped with overcurrent and overvoltage protection.

◎ It has linkage function with alarm video.

◎ Ethernet plus RS485 industrial bus dual communication technology, to ensure the reliability of communication.

Fingerprint attendance:

◎ 3.0 "HD color screen, full touch key;

Hybrid verification of fingerprint and face;

◎ Accurate recognition, fast speed, high light adaptability;

◎ Supporting CMS software to easily achieve attendance management.

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The latest technology security network alarm host

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I. Wireless alarm host technology analysis

Multi-code wireless coding patent technology

With self-intellectual property rights of Multi-code wireless coding patented technology, the total number of coding combinations has reached 244, and the rolling coding encryption technology, so that the transmission coding security is higher, not reproducible stronger, the possibility of cracking is almost zero.

Multinetwork communication technology

Meian technology FOCUS wireless alarm host innovative application PSTNGPRS4GTCP/IPWIFI multiple transmission modes, PSTN is the traditional telephone network alarm transmission mode. GPRS4GWIFI module, anytime and anywhere to communicate with the host, such as through mobile phone SMS mobile APP to remove the deployment or home appliances control. The built-in TCP/IP module of the host can realize networking alarm and remote maintenance with the alarm platform using broadband network.

Bidirectional communication

FOCUS bidirectional communication between alarm host and control keyboard, host and front-end detector. Through two-way wired/wireless keyboard or remote control, the host can be used for system deployment and withdrawal, system function setting, system operation flow control and other functions. It can master the operating procedure and working state of the host in real time, as well as the state of the front-end detector and the undervoltage report and loss report of the wireless detector, greatly enhancing the accuracy and reliability of the operation.

Associated video defense area

32 video defense zones can be set up through the mobile APP. Cameras can be added by manual input, device search and device scanning. After an alarm is generated in the defense area, you can link the video camera in the corresponding defense area for video recording.

Automatic alarm identification

The user can modify the alarm type of each defense area according to the actual needs. After triggering the alarm, the host will display the alarm area number. When it is used for networking alarm, the alarm type can be automatically identified and the specific alarm type and alarm location can be reported to the alarm management center in detail.

Automatic inspection function

Front-end detector inspection and alarm host inspection, front-end detector regularly sends inspection code to the host, the host accepts the code to determine the status of the detector, prevent detector loss, remind the user to fill in; The alarm host sends the code to the FOCUS alarm platform regularly. The platform determines whether the alarm host is missing or missing, and reminds the user to reset the alarm center number or host replacement. Enhance the security of the detection and alarm system itself.

Wireless forwarding alarm function

When the phone line is disconnected, the host will give an alarm and forward it to the neighboring host of the same type. Within 200 meters away, the neighboring host will receive the alarm information and dial or transmit the alarm to the FOCUS alarm platform through TCP/IP communication. The information includes: user code of the forwarding alarm user, defense area number, defense area alarm, etc. Increase alarm reliability.

II. the technical analysis of wired alarm host

MA-II bus II generation

Using the most advanced international bus defense area coding technology, mostly random bar code technology, effectively avoid similar systems difficult problems, strengthen the solution of multithreading, self-loop (loopback) detection, eliminate signal reflection, enhance signal attenuation and other unique performance, with support for multi-node, long distance and high sensitivity to receive, etc. The transmission distance is 1.2KM and the data frame is detected, so that the transmission quality is better while the basic data load is guaranteed. POWER-II second-generation series FC-7664, FC-7668 and FC-7688 are representative works.


CAN (Controller Area Network) is an effective serial communication network supporting distributed control and real-time control. Because of its high performance, high reliability, and unique design, can realize the area machine through information interaction, resource sharing, joint control; The nodes on the bus can be plug and play, so the system has good scalability; In addition, adding or deleting any node except the centralized machine on the CAN bus will not cause any impact on other nodes.

POWER-II second generation alarm control

burglar-alarm control adopts the design model of a dedicated product for industrial alarm, a 32-bit high-speed monolithic, embedded design system, which makes the system more stable and reliable. On the basis of the traditional increase support PSTN2G4GTCP/IP alarm, remote recovery alarm system, can also carry out Mei 'an free remote service platform (TCP/IP network transmission), alarm network control, advanced local remote diagnosis and other functions.
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EAVS access video alarm all-in-one security system installation guide

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Re: EAVS access video alarm all-in-one

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