Take care of home security before Christmas

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Take care of home security before Christmas

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People are working hard throughout a year and looking forward to being relax at Christmas holiday and new year.
But before relaxing, make sure you have secured your home! Because the thefts are ready to work hard on Christmas holiday and new year.
You should install a home security system to guard your home when you are travelling. You should set up some sensors for detection, add some siren strobe for warning, connect to alarm panel to call police or your friend to check your home for you.
If you do not know how to make your home security solution, read the guidance at http://vedard.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f ... 7e6a6c341f
Wish all of you a very happy holidays and a secure new year!
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Smart kits can be used to pretend you are at home

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You can use smart kits such as lighting, house appliance controller to turn on off the TV set, curtain when you are out of home.
But anyway, it is better to have a basic home security system at least. Or a IP camera, you can monitor your home anyplace.
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