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From "Sweat security" to "Smart Security"

Posted: Thu Nov 11, 2021 3:03 pm
by vedard
How to ensure security work is foolproof?A large number of security "black technology", with the new concept of "AI" to build a precise prevention and control circle, to achieve the goal of "zero accidents" security.
At the event site, a drone was cruising over the square of the convention center, and attendees were entering the ground in an orderly manner.Through aerial panoramic bird's eye view monitoring, the monitoring dead spots are reduced, especially for the key areas such as dense crowds and complex traffic at the event site.
At the entrance, a pair of glasses worn by the police attracted curiosity.It is understood that the "bright glasses" can be connected to the mobile phone APP, make full use of 4G wireless picture transmission system real-time picture transmission function, to ensure that the headquarters in the indoor visual control of the security of the whole area.
Inside the venue, the security patrol robot carries out patrol tasks according to established routes. Once any abnormality is found, it will give a timely warning, and the nearby security personnel will go to the disposal immediately after receiving instructions.
Relying on AI data analysis, AI intelligent monitoring, AI wireless conduction and AI intelligent machinery, the system realizes no-dead Angle deployment, no-delay warning, no-barrier command and no-contact disposal.
Security efforts have shifted from "sweat security" to "smart security."