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FC-7664pro Instruction manual

Posted: Wed Oct 21, 2020 2:12 pm
by vedard
Professional hardwired and wireless alarm system FC-7688 Plus.
8 Wired zone, 32 wireless zone, 88 bus-line zones complex building, office building, commercial building security system.
New technology updated bus-zone, hybrid security system with app operation, video surveillance.
Integrated security alarm system with intrusion detection, fire prevention, smoke alarm, heat detector, gas leakage sensor.
4 independent separated areas for easy control and management. SMS text alarm, app alarm, voice alarm, email alarm, 32 linkage P2P cameras can be linked. 4 PGM output can be programmed with 5 alarm times.
It supports SIA-2013, Meian Protocol, Contact ID Ademco protocol.
Smart home lighting, house appliance control with smart switch.
1 Installer password, 1 Master user password, 32 user password
PSTN, TCP/IP and GPRS, 4 G network.
New style Commercial security alarm panel. Integrated security Video alarm, app monitor, TCP/IP 4G network fast alarm response and alarm evidence professional industry security system for commercial security solution.

FC-7664 Plus Wireless keypad instruction manual

Posted: Sat Jan 07, 2023 2:06 pm
by vedard
FC-7664Pro TCP/IP 2G/4G burglar Alarm Control System
P2P Cloud Server Free Usage

Now you can have a trip network security system which you can control from anywhere in the world. free download your mobile APP,

No need to set up static IP address or configure the nework connection on-site. Just scan the QR code from the host panel sticker,

directly remote Arm/Disarm, checking the system status and setting up notifications, video cameras on-site seeing. you can now

have ultimate control of your home security whenever required.

2G+4G & IP+PSTN Network DSDS Connections, More Secure And Stable

The Host with GSM/GPRS and 4G support,DSDS way, TCP/IP network. No matter what home/store/shop trouble for the IP network . Host

will notice you and keeps working with GSM /GPRS way and 4G network for reporting as your desire.

Independent Areas Management Separately

With 8 areas for the host which can be armed/disarmed independently from users.

Duress Password

Any illegal or trespassing intruders get into the house and threaten to user disarm the system, User can input duress password,

the host will disarm the system and send alarm notice out privately.

Support 1080p ONVIF Cameras Connected
From the APP, users can scan the QR code from the wifi cameras to access to our server, users can review the video at anytime,
anywhere. It can snap the alarm picture, backup the alarm video to your smartphone.

Total 512 Zones, 16 wired zones, 128 CAN Zones. 56 RS485, 48 keypad zones, 32 wireless zones, 32 single bus zones

With RS485 bus cable, support 128 wired devices with zone expander module. 64pcs Power Bus which have two cable connect the wired

devices via the power bus module for saving the construction cost and time. 64 wireless zones, 16 keypads with extra 3 CH wired zones, total 48 keypad zones.

8PCS 16CH Relay Module

Support 8pcs relay module. easily to realize the smart devcies remote control lock, light, smart home appliances.

Intercom from the Devcie and App at any time.

Download Meian designed APP, users can realize the intercom between the APP and devices.

SIA-TCP, SIA-UDP, Meian Private IP protocol
Support SIA-UDP, TCP Global standard Protocol. More effective docking way to compatible with customers CMS platform.
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FC-7664pro commercial security PC monitoring software

Posted: Thu Feb 02, 2023 5:11 am
by vedard
FC-7664pro is advanced integrated security equipment with burglar alarm, fire alarm, access control intercom, CCTV all in one. It has TCP/IP and 4G network for fast transfer of video, audio and all data.
FC-7664pro can be easy operated and monitored via app and PC software.
Feel free to download manual and software and contact us for help.
Easy shop it at Vedard Focus alarm system.
Local security device management.jpg
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There are local management PC software and remote CMS software for different authority.
With Local Management, you can monitor and manage the devices in the local area network.

With remote network CMS, you can have more powerful functions and authority to manage the all devices. Generally, the CMS software is used for service monitor and management.
remote monitor and management.jpg
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Re: FC-7688 Plus Commercial building security

Posted: Mon Feb 06, 2023 8:31 am
by Jim

Free CMS for FC-7664pro

Posted: Fri Mar 10, 2023 11:36 am
by vedard
CMS is PC software for client management at remote or intranet.
CMS has multiple functions and is used for security service remote and local business security management. It has electric map, video monitoring, two way communication etc. functions.
CMS is used for professional security alarm panel FC-7664pro. There are two files for installation with local and remote monitoring.
You can add unlimited alarm panel to the CMS.
Focus alarm system is advanced burglar and fire alarm and access control, cctv surveillance integrated security system.

Free CMS for Focus security Alarm system

Posted: Sun Apr 02, 2023 2:54 pm
by vedard
The security service needs professional CMS for management of large amount of alarm systems. So, PC software CMS is needed for the security monitoring.
Focus CMS has local network security monitor and management software and remote security service monitoring software. They have different authority. Local network security software can manage local network alarm devices only. And remote network can manage all alarm devices.
The software has both menu pop up, electric map, alarm receiving and English voice prompt.
With the CMS, the alarm information or fault etc. can be dealt quickly. All Professional Focus alarm control panel has built-in NVR and can connect with security cameras, the security monitor will be visual and reliable.
CMS netclient manual english PN 20180807A07.pdf
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NetLocal manual.pdf
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