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ST-IIIB meian tech FOCUS security system alarm control panel

Posted: Wed Feb 13, 2019 6:54 am
by vedard
ST-IIIB PSTN and GSM network remote arm and disarm panel through CMS or SMS CID protocol, SMS notification, the prority of PSTN and GSM network is optional. With LCD graphic display steps, work status alarm process easy and intuitive. Voice prompting operation for local and remote operation, alarm information, event log view. GSM-hook and voice telephone with intercom function. All alarm information can be programmed. With sleep mode to disable all the lights, backlight, voice and remind tone. Alarm panel under idle status is equivalent to a cellphone, you can call through the gsm netowrk for balance inquiry.
4 groups assocaited zone three kinds of assoication patterns can effectively reduce false alarm or for other function. PGM output followed by five kinds of alarm events output. Doorbell audio optional dinddong, welcome, recording, dee dee.
Remote phone operation dialing by telephone offsite, after password verification, you can arm disarm, listen-in premise, system status query, and electrical switches control.
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Re: ST-IIIB meian tech FOCUS security system alarm control panel

Posted: Wed Feb 13, 2019 6:56 am
by vedard
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advantage of Focus wireless alarm control panel

Posted: Sun Feb 17, 2019 1:07 pm
by vedard
Focus digital wireless security system is integration of networks, intelligence, digital technology new technology security system.
Multi-code wireless encoding technology.
The total encoding codes can reach to 244. It uses scrolling codes and anti collision technology for the wireless encoding. It largely enhance the code security and reliability to avoid copy.
GSM/PSTN/GPRS/TCP-IP multiple networks for alarm information transmission. If one network is failure, other network will be used to transmit the alarm information. GSM /GPRS enables the alarm control panel and smart home functions setting be operated anytime and anywhere. The home situation can be queried and sent to email box or phone app. TCP/IP module enalbes the remote maintenance by Security service easy. Video alarm will be made for alarm evidence.
Two way communication between alarm control panel and detectors, remote controller, siren strobe, keypad. All alarm accessores are not just controlled by alarm control panel but also can query the alarm panel status, setting alarm control panel. On the other hand, the alarm panel can query detector status and greatly enhances the security system reliability and security.
Self-inspection function
The front detectors will send inspection code and status to alarm conrol panel. If regular inspection code is not sent, the alarm control panel will send alarm report of detector missing and remind users to check it. The alarm control panel will regularly send inspection report to FOCUS CMS alarm platform. If the inspection information is not sent, the CMS will remind users or security staff to check it.
Neighbor report of alarm if alarm network failure
The neighbor alarm control panel within 200m will help to send alarm report if alarm network is failure. The transmission information will include transfered alarm panel user code, zone number, alarm information etc.