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Quick Program Guide for FC-7448

Posted: Tue Feb 12, 2019 1:27 pm
by vedard
FC-7448 is large capacity of commercial security alarm system. It has 2 bus line 248 zones alarm. Below is the quick guide for programming the FC-7448 alarm system.
1.Enter Programming mode by pressing 9876#0, (password +#0) then power LED and arm/disarm LED flash simultaneously, LCD display Prg:Mode4.05 Adr=
Exit Programming: Press “*” for 4s till “di” sound

2.Arm: press 1234(password) and “arm/disarm” button
3.Disarm: Press 1234(password) and “arm/disarm” button, LED of “arm/disarm” will be off
4.Force Arm: Press 1234(password) and “arm” + “bypass” buttons
5.Bypass: Press 1234(password) and “bypass”+xxx(zone No. with 3 digits)
6.Add user’s No. and password: press 1234#0, press “0”, then user No.(001-200), enter authority level(0-6) with “#”, then enter 4 digits password with “#”, password with “#” again.
7.Delete user id: Press 1234#0, press “0”, then user No.(001-200), enter user authority (0-6) with “#”, press 0#
8.Programming address:
0001-0030 is zone function program address
0031-0278 is zone program address
0415-0538 is zone features program address

9.How to fill in data:
The program address is 4 digits and value of address is 2 digits. After enter programming, LCD display Prog Mode 4.05 Adr= , Fill in “Adr=” with 4 digits program address. Then input 21#, then the two digits will be displayed alternately. Press “#”, it will display “1”, press “#” again, it will display “2”.(It is default and can be changed by programming), then skip to next program address. If you need to program some address, just press”*” twice and it will return to Prog Mode 4.05 Adr=
Note: FC-7448 is shipped from the factory as a working, pre-programmed control. Many of the programming address may already be set to the values you need. The default values are shown in Reverse Print. You don’t need to pre-program this address.

10.Program zone function (address is 0001—0030)
Zone function means the zone is delay zone, instant zone, 24 hours zone etc. It is already programmed into the panel but you can change the default and add new zone function according to user’s manual.

11.Zone programming (address is 0031—0278)
0031 means the first zone, 0032 is the second one and so on. If you want to set the eighth zone as 24 hours zone, then you need to change the value of this address to “07” and press # to confirm.
Note: This part is required to program according to requirement.

12.Cancel zone No.
Press 9876#0
Enter 0039(the ninth zone for example)
Enter 00# (the zone attribute will be cancelled)

13.Return to factory default
Press 9876#0
Enter 4058(return to default address)
Enter 01# to confirm

14. Alarm Telephone program and CID communication programming
Press 1234#0 to enter
Enter 9876#0
Enter 3159 (program address 3159, 3175, 3191 for 3 group alarm telephone)
Enter xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (max 16 digits telephone No.) with # to confirm

Determine Telecom Format
Press 9876#0
Enter 3157 (telecom format program address)
Enter 91 (Contact ID)

Program user’s code
Press 9876#0
Enter 3429
Enter 1230(user’s code is 123 for example, and need to add 0)

Alarm Report Programming
Press 9876#0
Enter 3153(program address)
Enter 11#

Program telephone dialing times
Press 9876#0
Enter 3154(program address)
Enter 12# (dial twice for example)

15.Control Panel time setting and arm/disarm timer program
Press 1234#0 + “2” to set date
Press 1234#0 + “6” to set time
Press 1234#0 + “1” to set auto arm time for every day
Press 1234#0 + “4” to set auto disarm time for every day

Remark: Please use 2.2K resistant for FC-7448 8 wired zones and use 47K resistant for expand module.
Authority grade is: 0 super user, 1 unlimited user, 2 combined user, 3 arm user 4 temporal user, 5 duress user, 6 entrance user

Troubleshooting for FC-7448 bus-line alarm system

Posted: Tue Feb 12, 2019 1:29 pm
by vedard
FC-7448 is professional grade commercial security system. It requires security service installation and maintenance.
There may be some malfunctions with the equipment during working period. How can we troubleshoot it? Below we list some common
malfunctions and help troubleshooting it.
1. The system showed "System fault"
Solution: Enter password "#87" to query. It showed system fault and no connection to backup battery. Correctly connect backup battery
to the alarm host and the trouble solved. If not need backup battery, the fault can be ignored and the security system can work normally.

2. FC-7448 showed "communication fault". There are some possible causes. a. The connection between the host and the keyboard is incorrect or bad.
b. The main keyboard is not correctly set with DIP switch, or the other keyboard is not programmed. 3. Hardware failure can also cause this problem.

3. FC-7448 showed "zone is not ready":Enter password "#87" to query. It showed zone fault. 1. Check corresponding zone module FC-7401 connection is good or not.
2. Check corresponding zone module FC-7401 DIP switch setting is correct or not. If not zone fault. 1. Check connection between zone module FC-7401 and detector is good or not.
2. Check whether or not the detector is triggering alarm cause intrusion detected in detection area.
3. Check the EOL resistor value is correct or not and connection is good or bad.
More information such as How to install and debug FC-7448 Commercial Security Alarm System can be found at ... arm-system

How to install and debug FC-7448

Posted: Tue Feb 12, 2019 1:32 pm
by vedard
How to install and debug FC-7448 Commercial Security Alarm System
Steps for wiring FC-7448 bus-line alarm system
Step one: Purchase cables and power supply devices
1.Purchase correct cables.
2-wire bus-line cable: cable diameter should be 0.8-1.0mm² (if wiring distance less than 500m, then 0.5mm²is OK). Cable type is RVVP, for example 2*0.8mm²
Power supply cables
2-wire 12-24V cable with diameter 0.8-1.0mm²
2.Purchase correct power supply devices
12-24V DC power supply device. The main power consumption device is detectors,especially photoelectric beams detector. Alarm panel power consumption is 50mA at standby status and 500mA at alarm status. Module power consumption is 20mA. Add all devices consumption current and multiplied by 2 to get power supply device power requirement. Multiple power supply devices can be used if the device power is low or the wiring cable is long.
Step two: program the bus-line devices and test the alarm system before installation
1.Encode all the modules (Note: The code of the module is encoded in binary, that is, all the code on the digital side; ensure no repeat for the codes.)
2.Wire the module to alarm panel (without detectors). Test with a multimeter to ensure each module all 4-wires are connected with alarm panel and no short-circuit. Red and black wires are power supply of positive and negative terminal.
3. Parallel connect a 2.2K resistor to each hard-wired zone of alarm panel. Series connect a 47K resistor between black wire and yellow wire of bus-zone module.
4.Use the bus-driver FC-7430 to enable using of FC-7401 and other bus modules.
Firstly, please insert FC-7430 into FC-7448 main board, insert a double color 2-wire line on FC-7430 bus port. Positive and negative wiring should be correct and without short circuit. Insert jumper wire in position of “enable” on FC-7430 board. (Back insert the jumper wires to disable after programming finishing.) AC power is supplied for FC-7448.
Set zone quantity and zone functions for FC-7401 bus modules using. Zone address is set from 0039(zone 9) and from 0415. For example, 10 pieces FC-7401 will be used, then set zone function from 0039-0048 and enable using FC-7401 from 0415-0419
5.Program FC-7401
A. Without FC-7401 connected, press 9876#0 to enter programming process, then enter 9995#, keyboard displays: Checking
Multiplex Bus
It means inspecting bus interfaces, if failure, please turn off the power and re-enter into programming process. If it is normal, it showed Sens/Contact 009
Press # to Prog
009 means zone 9, you can set the first FC-7401 as zone 9.
If you don’t want to start from zone 9, then press *, it showed Mux Zone
Enter Number and enter 3 digits zone number and re-start from A.
B. Enter “#” and it showed
Sensor Press 4
Contact Press 6
C. Now, connect FC-7401 to FC-7430 Bus line two terminals (+, -), that is connected to FC-7448 bus interfaces with red and black 2-wire cable.
D. Press 4, if normal, it showed
Sens/Contact 010
Press # to Prog
It means zone 9 is programmed and it automatically jump to zone 10
If you want to program next FC-7401 as zone 10, then remove the programmed zone 9 FC-7401 and mark it.
Then program zone 10 FC-7401 and more from step B till all FC-7401 are programmed.
Note: at abnormal status, it will sound “bi, bi, bi” and need to restart. If it keeps abnormal, please change a FC-7401 and from step A to re-start.
E. If all zones are programmed, it showed
Mux Zone
Enter Zone
Press “*” and keep for 3 seconds to quit programming mode. And enter “*” for 3 seconds again to quit program. If there is 24 hours zone set, it may trigger alarm immediately. If so, please press PIN+Off to dis-alarm.

Notice for wiring FC-7448 bus-line alarm system

Posted: Tue Feb 12, 2019 1:33 pm
by vedard
1.It is best to wire all modules and detectors to alarm control panel with one bus-line cable. If it is not available, then it is best to have branch line longer than 300m. The wiring cable should keep distance from strong interference cables such as 220V AC power cable and fluorescent lamp etc. and avoid to wire in parallel with them.
2.If the wiring cable length is more than 1.5km,then FC-7425 bus-line separator is needed. One FC-7425 can extend as long as 1.5km (RVV2*1.5mm cable is used). If more than one FC-7425 is used, then the extended distance depends on the cable used and the performance environment.
3.Power supply: Generally centralized power supply is used, that is all devices or some nearest devices share a power supply. All devices should have enough working power supply, if not, then additional power supply device is needed. When multiple power supply devices are working together, then connect the ground of all the power supplies together and connect to the black end of alarm panel. Each power supply device positive terminal connects to its supplied devices.
4.Connect all the wires’ shield together and connect to power ground with one end only(no multiple ground).
5.Connect all modules to bus-line. The module address DIP switch is binary, and any two module addresses can not be the same. Connect detectors to modules.
6.After complete all wiring works, check the wiring of all the devices in turn to see if there is missed and misplaced wiring. Use multiple-meter to check whether or not there is short-circuit between all wiring.
7.Ensure all wiring are correct and turn on the power. If there are multiple power supplies, remember to turn on alarm panel power supply at last.

Re: Quick Program Guide for FC-7448

Posted: Tue Feb 12, 2019 1:37 pm
by vedard
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Re: Quick Program Guide for FC-7448

Posted: Tue Feb 12, 2019 1:38 pm
by vedard
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bus zones wiring

Posted: Tue Feb 12, 2019 1:41 pm
by vedard
bus zones wiring.JPG
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