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Gas fire-extinguishing control panel

Posted: Sun Feb 27, 2022 7:20 am
by vedard
JB-QB-QTC5015 control panel shall be installed wall-mounted, of which the typical configurations include: loop control part, loop part, direct control part, gas fire-extinguishing control part, power, etc. The system is a combination of alarm, linkage and gas fire-extinguishing. Control of fire alarm, common fire protection device start/abort and gas fire-extinguishing device can be realized through loop control panel or direct control panel.
JB-QB-QTC5015 Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Penal/Gas Fire-extinguishing Control Panel (short as Control Panel) is a new all-in-one generation of control panel combined of fire alarm linkage and gas fire-extinguishing control. The control panel also has linkage control function for construction designation need and the function to be compatible with other products to form up a fire alarm linkage integral control system, which is suitable for fire alarm and fire protection linkage integral control system. The control panel has the function of gas fire-extinguishing and can be applied for four zones. The control panel can be connected to emergency start/abort button, sounder strobe, gas spray indicator, auto/manual switch module and input/output module. With the function of networking, the control panel can also be connected to TC5000 series fire alarm control panel to form up a fire alarm and gas fire-extinguishing control.
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