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Prevent carbon monoxide poisoning during winter heating season

Posted: Wed Feb 10, 2021 4:18 pm
by Jim
For the way of closed doors and Windows and then burning coal stove to heat, it is very easy to produce carbon monoxide, resulting in human poisoning and death.
What are the conditions that can cause carbon monoxide poisoning indoors in winter?
1. The indoor air is closed in winter, and when the coal stove is used for heating and cooking, the carbon monoxide will gather indoors due to poor ventilation, and the concentration is high to a certain degree, it will cause poisoning.
2. When the water heater that does not fight wind meets gale weather, can appear combustion is not stable or flaming out, exhaust gas is poured backward indoor wait for a problem, cause indoor carbon monoxide to exceed standard.
In addition to carbon monoxide poisoning, risks such as explosions or fires from gas leaks should also be taken care of. Although carbon monoxide poisoning is often reminded of safety, but because people's safety awareness is not strong and lax safety awareness, accidents of carbon monoxide poisoning still occur occasionally.
How to effectively prevent carbon monoxide poisoning and other safety accidents?
The installation of carbon monoxide detection alarm (CO sensor), gas leak detection alarm, smoke alarm and so on is the best way to effectively prevent environmental safety accidents.
Safety alarm can detect the existence of danger in time and issue a high-decibel alarm sound and high-brightness flash, So, it alerts or wake up the user to find the danger and take measures. People will encounter accidents in their life. The safety alarm timely reminds and links other equipment to cut off the gas source and other equipment, so as to protect our life safely.