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Question of smoke detectors

Posted: Thu Jan 07, 2021 1:15 pm
by vedard
How to check smoke detector?
Firstly check the LED status on the detector. Then place a lit cigarette within 10cm of the smoke detector and test whether the smoke detector alarms.

The fire smoke detector has been keeping alarm because of the heavy dust. Can we turn down the sensitivity?
No. you should not turn down the sensitivity.
If there is a lot of dust in the environment, the smoke detector is not suitable for installation and should be replaced with a heat detector.

Why the smoke detector should be installed at the return air place?
In general, for the IDC room, the return air outlet is a necessary way of gas circulation.Therefore, it is necessary to set up a smoke detector here for smoke detection.
But for the traditional point type smoke detector, the sensitivity is too low.The smoke is diluted by air currents.So the detection is very bad.
For very early smoke detectors.Also known as aspirated smoke detectors or air sampling smoke detectors, this problem does not exist. it is actively inhaled into the inner detector.