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How to use gas detector?

Posted: Mon Jun 24, 2019 3:49 am
by vedard
Keep home safe, what you should need to do? You should have security system installed. At least, you should have smoke alarm, gas alarm installed to alert you when fire is going to happen. You know what you will lose if your house experiences fire.
You should know how to correctly use these smoke alarm, gas alarm as well. Otherwise, it may not work.
How to use gas detector? You know how important gas detector is. You can use Solenoid Valve or Manipulator to shut off gas when gas detector works.

1. After installation and power on the gas alarm, it makes a "di" sound, the power led makes green light. It means it is well powered. Then yellow led will flash, it means it is under preheat for 30-60 seconds. Then yellow led lit off and made "di di" two sounds. It means the detector is under normal detection work status.
Note: At gas or other detectors preheat status, do not test or operate the detector. The preheat process is to ensure well working of sensors such as gas sensor or PIR sensor.

2. Indication and buzzer status:
Normal work status indication and buzzer:
Green Led is keeping on, yellow, red indication led is keeping off. No sound from buzzer.
Fault status:
yellow indicator lit on, means the detector is not working. Buzzer makes beep sound (0.5s On /2s off)
Alarm status:
Red indicator lit on. Buzzer makes fast beep sound (0.5s On /0.5s off)

3. Test of the gas alarm
Press test button on the panel, LED is lit on and buzzer made beep sound.

4. Gas detection and alarm.
The wall-mounted independent gas alarm continuously collects, analyses and judges the air in the environment. When the concentration of combustible gas in the air reaches the alarm threshold, the MCU in the detector can analyze the concentration of the gas and the diffusion trend of the gas.
When a real gas leak is confirmed, the detector immediately lights up the red alarm lamp and starts the buzzer.

5. What to do when gas alarm is triggered:
Open the window, extinguish all fire, DO NOT switch on or off various electrical appliances. DO NOT dial phone on the spot. Check the causes of gas leakage, call fire police.

6. Mute
At the alarm status of the wall-mounted independent gas alarm, the detector can be muted by pressing the mute key; in the mute status, the red LED flashes quickly, the mute status can be kept for 4 minutes, and the time can be withdrawn by itself. Or press the mute key again to exit the mute status.

7. Reset
At alarm status, press self-check key and hold on, keep about 5s, the independent gas detector will be reset.

Cautions for using gas alarm

Posted: Mon Jun 24, 2019 9:45 am
by vedard
Cautions for using gas alarm:

Avoid using hair gel, mousse, insecticide, paint, alcohol and diluent in the vicinity of wall-mounted gas alarm detector, so as to avoid affecting the normal monitoring of sensors.

If there is a malfunction, please do not disassemble the detector for repair. Users can inform our company or our local office. We will deal with it for you as soon as possible.

Lighter testing is prohibited for wall-mounted independent gas alarm in order to avoid affecting the life of gas sensors.

The wall-mounted independent gas alarm is a normal phenomenon when it is slightly hot.

How long can the gas alarm be used?

Posted: Mon Jun 24, 2019 12:38 pm
by vedard
The service lifetime of the gas alarm is 5 years.
Why you should replace the out of service time gas alarm?
The gas alarm works in kitchen or similar places full of oil, dust, water vapor. So, after long time working, the probe sensitivity will decrease and can not detect gas leakage.
Generally, the gas alarm sensor should be replaced after 5 years working time.