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IR camera VS full color camera

Posted: Sat Mar 27, 2021 2:41 pm
by Jim
Should I use IR camera or full color camera?
Let us explain IR camera and full color camera. IR camera has infrared LED for lighting compensation at night with weak light environment. Full color camera can display real color of the spot. But if the light is weak, the displayed picture quality will be very bad. On the other hand, the IR camera will change the color to black-white and keep the integrity of the monitor screen.
So, if the surveillance camera is mainly used at night, then in the case of light or relatively sufficient light, you can consider using a full-color surveillance camera;If the light is insufficient or low-light environment, it is recommended to use an infrared monitoring camera, which can fully record the monitoring picture.

star grade camera, IR camera, white light camera

Posted: Sat Mar 27, 2021 2:48 pm
by Jim
With the popularity of surveillance cameras, more and more outdoor places are installed with surveillance cameras, so how to monitor the normal video at night? Due to the lighting problem at night, a lot of monitoring problems will appear because of insufficient lighting monitoring screen noise, or monitoring screen fuzzy situation.
In order to provide better monitoring security services, more effective popularization of surveillance cameras, in the last decade, surveillance cameras from analog to digital to high-definition AI cameras, the development of monitoring hardware also makes its imaging technology in low illumination environment, has been greatly improved.
Infrared night vision surveillance camera | starlight surveillance cameras | black surveillance cameras | white light cameras
What is * low illumination?* Low illumination is an indicator used to measure the camera's ability to see things clearly in the dark environment. The lower the value, the higher the sensitivity of the surveillance camera at night and the better the performance.According to the characteristics of the national standard on the brightness sensitivity of the color monitoring camera, it is described as: "the output level of the brightness produced by the camera is half of the rated level, which is the smallest illumination of the object.
According to the current classification of low-illumination surveillance cameras, they are roughly divided into:
0.1Lux: Dark, 0.01Lux: Moonlight, 0.001Lux and below: Starlight. It can be known from this classification:
The Starlight stage is designed to solve the problem of imaging clearly without auxiliary light
Infrared night vision monitoring camera is mainly used in the dark environment without visible light or low light. The infrared lamp is used to project the infrared light to the object actively, and the infrared light will be reflected from the object and then enter the lens for imaging.This way has become the most common application solution because of its mature technology, wide application range and high cost performance.However, the disadvantage is that the infrared night vision effect presents a black and white effect, which may be relatively blurred under some special circumstances.
Infrared night vision surveillance camera | starlight surveillance cameras | black surveillance cameras | white light cameras
At present, in addition to the two monitoring cameras mentioned above, there is also a white-light monitoring camera. This white-light camera is similar to the infrared camera, which provides low-light camera at night. However, compared with the infrared monitoring camera, its biggest feature is that it images color images at night.Generally speaking, bayonets, high-speed monitoring systems and parking lot entrances and exits in road monitoring projects are more common in this kind of white light monitoring camera
As the general public's demand for monitoring is increasing, so no matter what kind of monitoring camera is also more widely used, and the development of the whole industry will be more rapid, the future monitoring camera update iteration will rely more on AI artificial intelligence, 5G and other new technologies.