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How to use fire extinguishers

Posted: Tue Mar 24, 2020 7:54 am
by vedard
There are 3 common types of fire extinguishers: dry powder, foam and carbon dioxide. They are suitable to extinguish different types of fire. The using methods are not the same as well for these three types fire extinguishers.
Dry powder fire extinguisher is suitable for home fire extinguishing. It has features of long time duration and easy operation.

Usage: Firstly, reverse the fire extinguisher several times to loose the dry powder in the cartridge. Then remove the seal, unplug the insurance pin. Holding the nozzle with left hand and carrying the pressure handle with right hand. At a distance of 2 meters from the flame, press the pressure handle hard and swing the nozzle around to spray dry powder to cover the combustion district until the fire is extinguished. The cooling effect is little of the dry powder and it has possibility of resurgence. So, pay attention of resurgence after extinguishing and repeat above action to thoroughly extinguish the fire.
Foam type fire extinguisher is suitable for fighting all kinds of oil fires and solid combustible fires such as wood, fiber, rubber fires.

Usage: People should stand in the windward and close to the source of fire as possible cause the foam type fire extinguisher’s spraying distance is 2 to 3 meters only. Spraying the most dangerous side of the fire firstly. Then gradually move to other sides to spray. Do not leave any sparks. Hold the nozzle wooden handle to avoid frostbite. After spraying, there is too much carbon dioxide in the air and it is harmful for human body. So, please keep ventilation immediately after using foam type fire extinguisher spraying.
Carbon dioxide type fire extinguisher. This is a new type of pressure gas fire extinguisher. It has high fire extinguishing performance, low toxicity, low causticity, convenient to use and no vestige leaving after fire extinguishing. It is suitable for a variety of flammable liquid and combustible gas fire. The carbon dioxide fire extinguisher can be used for fire fighting of initial electric fires under 600 volts and save instrumentation, books.

Usage: There are two types of carbon dioxide fire extinguishers. They are switch type and knife type. Please make good preparation before using. Once the knife-type fire extinguisher is opened, it can not be closed again. Firstly, unplug the insurance pin, then holding the jet horn on the wooden handle with one hand and press the duck tongue switch or rotary switch with another hand. Finally hold the whole body of the fire extinguisher to spray the fire for extinguishing.

Classification of fires

Posted: Mon Nov 30, 2020 9:39 am
by Jim
It is necessary to classify the fire according to the type and combustion characteristics in order to use the fire extinguishing method and select the fire extinguishing equipment accurately.
Class A fire, fire of solid matter, usually organic in nature, which produces searing embers when burned.
Class B fire, liquid or fusible solid material fire.
Class C fire, gas fire.
Class D fire, metal fire
Class E fire, electric fire. A fire in which a substance is electrically ignited.
Class F fire, cooking fire. A fire of cooking material (e.g. animal or vegetable oil) in a cooking utensil.
For other purposes, such as hazard rating, fires are classified differently

Can sprinkler head be installed over distribution cabinet?

Posted: Thu Dec 03, 2020 9:40 am
by vedard
Sprinkler heads can be installed over distribution cabinets with protection grade Ip55 or above. For Ip30 distribution cabinet, not allowed to install sprinkler heards over it.
When the fire pump control cabinet is set in the special fire pump control room, its protection level should not be lower than IP30. When it is set in the same room with the fire pump, its protection level should not be lower than IP55.