Home gas safely using precautions

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Home gas safely using precautions

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Gas source is important energy choice for every home now. It is used for cooking, heating everyday. But most people are lack of home gas safely using knowledge. They don’t know there is potential dangers for gas using. They don’t know there is rules for safely using home gas source. So, there is always news of gas explosion and gas fire.

Will home gas lead to death?

There are three different types of gas source for home gas supply. They are Natural gas, LPG and coal gas. Coal gas has little carbon monoxide toxic gas. The gas itself will not lead to death directly.

But if it is used improperly, for example it is not burned completely, it will produce lot of carbon monoxide and poison to death.

The leakage of gas will cause explosion if electric switch is turned on /off or ignition of match or lighter.

What are the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning?

Carbon monoxide poisoning can cause headaches, dizziness, nausea and vomiting.
Carbon monoxide poisoned people will feel strong prostration, breathing and pulse acceleration, confusion and can not move independently.
Carbon monoxide poisoned people looks face flushing, loss of consciousness, breathing stopped, cramps, leading to cardiac arrest and death.
If people is poisoned by carbon monoxide, what should we do?

Move the poisoned people from the poisoning place as soon as possible. Open the windows and doors for ventilation.
Immediately use hyperbaric oxygen therapy to reduce sequelae for carbon monoxide poisoned people.
We know the dangers of home gas now. Then what matters we should pay attention to?

Before using home gas

Check and make sure there is no leakage of the gas source. You can smell toxic fumes, you can hear hissing sounds and you can feel cool wind from the gas leaking part.
Test and find the leaking part. Do not use matchstick or lighter fire to test it. Use soapy water or detergent to check. Cover soapy water or detergent on the pipe of gas source, then turn on the gas source. If there is bubble on the pipe, then there is crack. Replace the pipe immediately.
The gas source cylinder should be with check data and qualified logo.
The gas source cylinder should be placed upright on well ventilated place without sunshine.
Do not put anythings on the cylinder to avoid burning.
What not to do for using home gas source?

Do not add, modify, remove gas facilities and appliances by yourself or unauthorized department.
Do not install the gas pipeline, valves, flow meters, gas appliances and other gas facilities in the wall, ceiling, cabinet and so on.
Do not pile up debris in the room where gas meters, valves and other facilities are installed.
Do not hang debris on the gas pipeline or pull the wire, rope to hang debris.
Do not open or close the public valve of gas pipeline.
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