cell phone signal jammer

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cell phone signal jammer

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When you have problems with the annoying signal that bother you sometimes from the base station, while you don’t have any good idea to do with that, then you may need a cell phone signal jammer to help you get rid of such things. Or maybe you own a car, and you don’t want to be interrupted by other interference from other vehicles when you are on the phone in your car, then you may need a car remote control jammer, which can work well as a nice assistant. Or if you are trying to avoid of being stalked by others, then you may need to pick up some powerful anti-tracking items to help you to get rid of such conditions. Most of them will be provided on jammerinthebox.com, there always can be suitable for you or just meet your demand perfectly. For we have been researching and kept improving the quality in this field for decades, all of them can be professionals in the market, you will need them.
How about trying the Audio Signal Jammer? They are really useful and are selling at good price now, with the high-tech manufacturing, they can perform good in various relative activities at jammerinthebox.

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cell phone signal jammer

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О приложении

Cell Signal Monitor — это усовершенствованный сканер мобильных сетей для смартфонов на платформе Android, позволяющий отслеживать состояние параметров сетей стандарта GSM, UMTS и LTE.

Основные возможности:
• отслеживание уровня сигнала текущей соты а также соседних сот в сетях GSM;
• отображение графиков изменения мощности сигнала базовых станций и скорости мобильного соединения;
• ведение лога базовых станций;
• отображение местоположения базовых станций после импорта CLF-файла;
• отображение статистики сот, на которых регистрировался телефон.


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